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March 30, 2009

A Marine Apologizes

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Everyone’s (except liberals and terrorists) favorite tough guy gives a ‘sort of’ apology in response to Hitlery’s apology south of the border last week:

I got an apology, I’m sorry for all of those who have lost loved ones during 9/11 and while kicking ass in Iraq & Afghani.. I’m sorry we didn’t come with the entire Marine Corps and stomp the shit out of all terrorists in the country sooner. I’m sorry, If our M1 tanks and low flying F18s bother you as they hunt you scumbag terrorists down. I’m sorry we haven’t constructed a Wal-Mart chain in your country and show you what capitalism is really all about. I’m not sorry to call this war a War on Terrorism. I’m not sorry for all of the evil scumbags we help meet Allah. I’m not sorry for any of the terrorists about to be set free out of Guantanamo. I’m not sorry to tell any drug infested waste of air drug lord that we will hunt you down next and I’m not one bit sorry or going to take blame for our amigos to the south for their lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up to the drug lords.

You said a mouthful, Maj Pain!

January 30, 2009

“Rangel Rule” for Tax Cheats

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I could not find an email address for Rep. John Carter (R-31st District Texas) so I’m posting the contents of the letter I wanted to send him.

Dear Rep. Carter,


Ahem, … I mean, I really appreciate you for introducing this bill, HR 735 “The Rangel Rule”. I’m not one of your constituents, but I would like to express my deep thanks to you for standing up for law abiding, tax paying citizens all over this country.

I am one of those tax payers that has never been in trouble with the IRS because I play by the rules. I pay and pay and pay and complain about it but it would never occur to me to break the law and expect to get away with it.

I am enraged that the man who was chosen to oversee the IRS, Timothy Geithner, is himself a flagrant tax cheat!!! “Simple mistake” my eye! And going after Charlie Rangel for any number of hypocrisies is always fun.

I would like to suggest that you add a provision to your bill to allow all taxpaying citizens the ability to take a 4-year tax holiday. We would be required to make up the payments at the end of the holiday, but would not have to pay any penalties or interest as your bill states. This would be a much better stimulus to the economy than the pork laden HR1 bill (that you properly voted against).

Thank you again from a conservative, overtaxed American,

Rangle at Commie Protest Rally
Rangle at a Workers World Party “party”

September 10, 2007

Dear Senator Schumer…

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You suck worse than anything that has sucked before!

Screw you and the ugly horse you rode in on!

Schmucky Schumer

How dare you defame and disrespect our military with such blatant lies and naked hate?

I’m watching Gen. Petraeus and the witch hunt on C-Span3 right now and the demonuts on the committee are acting in the most egregious manner possible.

What a bunch of F***ing Traitors!!!!!! I wish the General could whip out his security team and instruct them to take out the whole lot!

Rep. Lantos (D-CA) “General this isn’t meant to besmirch you, but … you suck! You just do what the President says and we all know how stoopid he is. Maliki sucks, the war sucks, all is lost!”

Old fart, YOU need to retire and go spend your time at the beach! The American people believe in Petraeus and in our Military and in the MISSION! So, STFU!!! doofus
HOORAY! Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) comes to the rescue!!!!! Says the DimBulbs have been attacking the General’s credibility and the treasonous ad by MoveOn.Al calling Petraeus a traitor. Says the dems are idiots and outrageous.

Unbelievable! Hunter is even sticking up for L. Paul Bremmer and letting the Iraqi Army disolve itself back in ’03. ‘Bout time somebody told why that was so important. Says the Army would have been a disaster if we left 11,000 Suni generals in place.
1:30pm EST- brief interlude while the mics are fixed. probably due to MoveOn.Al virus.

Now General Petraeus is speaking. “Tribal rejection of al-Quida in Anbar is spreading to other areas. We can begin troup drawdowns if this trend continues.”

“The surge is working and we have more than just ‘gut feelings’ to prove it” They are using statistical methodology that has been approved by 2 U.S. intelligence agencies and the data is gathered from not just U.S. Military, but Iraqi sources as well. Living and working within the Iraqi communities has made a huge difference. Ethnocentric violence has declined precipitously. Locals are increasingly participating with the coalition in turning in al-Quida and taking the initiative to locate and report weapons caches.

Locals are increasingly volunteering for the police and Army. Salah al Din and Ninewah provinces have been tough, but are showing declines in violence recently.

1:44pm EST – Another MoveOn.Al/CodePink demonstration in the chamber…
Gen. Petraeus “The most significant thing to happen is the participation by local citizens and tribal leaders in Al Anbar to partner with the coalition and rejection of the extremists. “ Take that Schmucky Schumer!

Gen P “Don’t rush to failure!” – he looked at the commitee when he said cyberspace is increasingly being used by the bad guys as a way to wage war on us. Take THAT MoveOn.Al!

Political stability can only come with security stability. Iraq wants to be our friend. Gen. P is recommending the redeployment of MEFII at the end of the month! As well as more drawdowns in the next few months.

Smart man! He’s thanking Congress for funding a bunch of stuff for the military!
2:00pm EST – Another CodePink interruption. Beotches!

I see Gael Murphy in the audience. These witches will continue to cause disruption, but Rep./Chairman Skelton (D-MO) just blusters and won’t eject all the whores.
Now Ryan Crocker, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq speaking. (too bad he’s got a lisp and a rather high voice…)
I’m sorry, this guy is so boring I can’t pay attention.

Now the fun part starts. Chairman Skelton starts off by reminding us that while our sons and daughters are sweating and sacrificing, the Iraqi parliament is sitting on its collective thumbs and not doing enough on reconciliation. “Why should we (the elite in the US Congress) believe the next 6 months will be any different?”

BBWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What the HELL have you accomplished in the last 6 months, Congressman? *asshole*

Old fart Lantos is up again. Asks Petraeus why his “token withdrawl” should be accepted when there are military critics out there that want all the troops to come home now?

Petraeus responding that his proposal is a substantial withdrawl, not a token. Don’t “rush to failure”, you old fart! What the hell are you talking about, anyway?

Lantos, “respectable media favors more substantial withdrawl” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Petraeus “I have given you my best advice and information, I don’t know where you are getting your information, Congressman” Basically telling him (Lantos) he’s an idiot!

Lantos then asks Amb. Crocker why that Cowboy Bush won’t surrender to the Iranians? Then brings up the widely misreported statement by Maliki that he can “find other friends” if the US leaves.

Crocker says that Maliki said today that Iraq needs the coalition to stay.

Now Rep Spratt (D-SC) is complaining about $$. Says that “everything hinges on National Reconciliation”. (since when? This is just the latest Democrat benchmark!)

Rep. Saxton (R-NJ) is interrupted by CodePink whores after he held up a copy of the NYSlimes with the MoveOn.Al anti-Petraeus ad.
I had to go back to work. Sometimes it sucks being a conservative who believes in making her own living and not being a blood-sucking leftard mooching off the government and sitting all day in a hearing chamber making a fool of oneself. Eh, Gael?

July 18, 2007

Kill Count Breaks 6000!

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I don’t mean our brave troops who have given all for our Nation, but the number of islamofacist scumbags who we’ve sent to Allah.

< ?php if (function_exists('dead_badguys')) dead_badguys(); else include_once("t_kills.php"); ?>

The little graphic shows the number of confirmed kills since al-Zarqawi assumed room temperature June 7, 2006. I garnered these numbers from official news releases from Iraq and Afghanistan, with some reports coming from other sources such as AP and Reuters. They DO NOT represent the actual number of nutjobs who have “vanished in a hail of lead and shrapnel.” Unfortunately, the reports of terrorist deaths are almost non-existent on purpose.

There is a very good article that is part of the Citizens Report on Iraq produced by members of in which Prof. Larry Schweikart explains the lack of reportage and also extrapolates from various sources that the real number is somewhere above 150,000 since the beginning of the war. See the .pdf file and look for his article starting on page 56.

What is different today is that more and more numbers are actually being reported since the “surge” strategy started. There was a real drought since the beginning of the year, but the numbers are rising rapidly now. OORAH!

If you’d like to see where the reports are, look here.

This is one of the awesome banners from out front of Walter Reed that FReepers set up on Friday nights.

January 18, 2007

22 Percent of Respondents Need Their Asses Kicked

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From FOXNews comes a delightfully nauseating new poll in which 22% of all respondents said they would like to see the new Bush “surge” strategy fail. (See question #19 in the .pdf file at the link above.)


Do these idiots in the 22% think that we’re playing some kinda ball game? Do they not understand that REAL LIVES are on the line if we lose? Are they counting on using a ‘Mulligan’ when Hillary ‘Rotten’/Osama Obama take over the White House in 2 years? THERE ARE NO DAMN ‘DO OVERS’!!!!!

34% of Democrat respondents want the strategy to fail, but that’s not a surprising number for the Hate America First party. All of them need a good old fashioned ass whooping!

Can 'o Whoopass

Also check out question #30 in which an astounding 50% of Democrats thought that losing the war in Iraq will have no effect on future terrorist attacks in the U.S., and fully 11% of these socialist nutjobs thought the terrorists would be more likely to just leave us alone!

Dream On! You !@#$%^&* panty-waisted fruitcakes!

January 10, 2007

You’re Next, Fat Man

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Sadr in sights

President GW said that too many restrictions have been put on our Troops in their persuit of the terrorists in Iraq. He said, in effect, that the gloves are going to come off and we’re not going to be denied entry to any place in Iraq. Like Sadr City! Say good night, you fat terrorist f**k.

I was disappointed in the low number of troops being added to Al Anbar (4000?!?!), but I’m looking forward to seeing more of this plan. I get the feeling we’re not going to be playing patty-cake any more.


jim b points out that anti-Iranian operations are already beginning:

…One Iranian news agency with a correspondent in Irbil says five US helicopters were used to land troops on the roof of the Iranian consulate.

It reports that a number of vehicles cordoned off the streets around the building, while US soldiers warned the occupants in three different languages that they should surrender or be killed.

In December, US troops detained a number of Iranians in Iraq, including two with diplomatic immunity who were later released.

Thursday’s raid came as US President George W Bush unveiled his new strategy in Iraq, which included increasing troop numbers and a commitment to stop Iranian support for “our enemies in Iraq”.

January 3, 2007

Hey Ramsey! Better Luck Next Tyrant!

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From the Washington Times, Friday Dec. 29th Inside the Beltway by John McCaslin, comes this wonderful episode of patriotism and come-uppance from fearless FReeper Kristinn:

Only in Washington

Kristinn Taylor, president of the local Free Republic chapter, was walking through the concourse of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday afternoon when he spotted one of Saddam Hussein’s attorneys, Ramsey Clark, who was attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

“As we walked by each other in the uncrowded terminal, I made a slashing motion across my neck and said to him, ‘It’s too bad about Saddam,’ ” in reference to the deposed Iraqi tyrant’s failed judicial appeal to avert his death sentence.

At that point, he said, Mr. Clark “glanced back at me with a hangdog look and nodded his head in sad agreement.”

Mr. Clark last year explained in an op-ed essay in the Los Angeles Times why he was willing to defend Hussein. He acknowledged that a majority of the media were dismissive of him. “‘There goes Ramsey Clark again,’ they seemed to say. ‘Isn’t it a shame? He used to be attorney general of the United States and now look at what he’s doing.'”

He’s not deterred. “The United States, and the Bush administration in particular, engineered the demonization of Hussein, and it has a clear political interest in his conviction,” he wrote. “Obviously, a fair trial of Hussein will be difficult to ensure — and critically important to the future of democracy in Iraq. This trial will write history, affect the course of violence around the world and have an impact on hopes for reconciliation within Iraq.” Meanwhile, in Baghdad, the hangman is testing his noose.

What the article didn’t pick up was the other offering of condolence Kristinn proffered:

“I told him, ‘I hoped Saddam goes to hell–and you too for that matter.‘ As much as I wanted to tell him off full blast, the concourse was not the right place to do that.”

What fun!!! And Saddam was offed just Friday evening!!

GW and Kristinn

November 1, 2006

Trooops Kan Heer U Kary!

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How do the troops in Iraq feel about F’ing Kerry’s recent slander?

Stuck on Stoopid (Kerry, that is!)

H/T Mark Glesne in Halp Us Jon Carry! (Glesne is a SUPER SMART Marine who could undoubtedly turn the Senator into a sniveling pile of goo in minutes [I just wish I could figure out how to leave a comment on beta-Blogger sites… I never claimed to be smart]).

What others are saying:
A superlative rant by the master – Chuck says what we’re all thinking but much better than we could in Good ‘Ol Pussnuts.

Cpl M from Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition and No End But Victory chimes in with My Education Has Me Stuck in Iraq.

Also from Noble Duty, Patriot gives us the report from Hell in Breaking News – Kerry Apologizes and CJ has the “Stuck in Irak” T-Shirt for sale!

Blackfive has, like, a zillion posts. Start with John Forbes Kerry – Still an Asshat and work forward.

Diggs, from 4-Mile Creek has the perfect 2-word come back in My Response to Senator Kerry’s Response.

October 30, 2006

Liberals (Democrats) Want Terrorists to Kill You!

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If Michael J. Fox can say that Republicans want him to die from Parkinson’s, then I can say that he wants all of us to die at the hands of Islamofacist terrorists.

“Senator Talent opposes expanding stem cell research. He even wanted to criminalize research…–From Fox’s political ad in MO.

Gee, if Fox says it, it must be true! Even if he didn’t read the bill he was campaigning against.

Obviously, he wants all conservatives to be beheaded by al-Zarqawi wanna bees. So there!

September 20, 2006

Islam, schmislam

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We are NOT violently evil … and we’ll KILL anyone who says we are!

So much for the Religion of Peace. From Jihad Watch:

A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution. Anjem Choudary said those who insulted Islam would be “subject to capital punishment”.

Jeesh! How many times have we heard that kind of talk from the Pope? I mean, people were predicting that Benedict XVI would be another Hitler, right? And he’s been spouting hate ever since he was elevated to Pontiff and … er, he – well… come to think of it, he seems like a pretty nice guy and rather mild and humble.

Citing the words of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim religious leaders in the Gaza Strip on Sunday warned Pope Benedict XVI that he must “accept” Islam if he wanted to live in peace.

How quaint! What a lovely way to persuade someone to your way of thinking. “Submit or die!” Sounds like a Dem talking point…

I’d much rather count on another group of individuals who have an equally pointed motto but one with a real choice to those to which it is addressed: “Make Peace or Die” – 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Check it out. I just ordered the DVD so I can’t provide a review yet. Instead, I’ll offer one of my favorite videos.

It’s a sweet tale of love and devotion, with a slightly hard edge.
(If you’re at work, turn the volume down -or- put on headphones and turn the volume up!)

September 8, 2006

Could it happen?

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It occured to me that the nutbag Islamofacists –who are capable of doing some really crazy shit– might be using the visits of former and current Iranian presidents Katami and Ahmadushybag to commemorate 9/11 with something just as nasty. It’s not normal, if in fact it ever happens, that the leaders-in-hate actually martyr themselves for the cause. But what if they did?

We know that they know how to manipulate the MSM to do their bidding, carry their water, drink the coolaid, and swallow any lie presented to them. They could easily be used to whip up worldwide rioting and killing if one of these Iranian asshats should assume room temperature while on U.S. soil.

Not that I would mourn the loss of either one of them or that I’m advocating that they be sent to Allah while they’re so close at hand…

I just worry that we’re being set up. Big time.

September 1, 2006

Hey Pinkos! How dare you call US Torturers!

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This is sick. If anyone doubts WHY we must destroy these beasts, read on…

Coalition condemns torture and mutilation of Afghan soldiers

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Two soldiers from the 203nd Corps, Afghan National Army, were kidnapped by Taliban extremists and then brutally tortured to death with their bodies mutilated.

The U.S.-led Coalition strongly condemns the act as a heinous crime.

An officer and sergeant were apparently kidnapped in the Qara Bagh District of Ghazni Province on Aug. 28. Using the officer’s cell phone, the assailants contacted a member of the 203nd Corps command and then tortured the two men until they were dead while their fellow comrade listened.

“This was not an act of armed conflict, but an inexcusable crime by amoral men against fellow Afghans,” Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, Combined Joint Task Force-76 spokesman said. “These Taliban extremists claim to be fighters in a war of their creation, but warriors, men of honor, do not torture, maim and desecrate their enemies. These are the acts of men without conscience — men without souls. They are indignant criminals who take inhuman pleasure in the destruction of human life.”

The soldiers’ bodies were discovered the next day in the Crirgia Ghala Valley and were recovered by fellow ANA soldiers. Their bodies will be returned to their families for internment.

Last Fall, there was an enormous furor over the burning of dead Taliban combatants which resulted in a 5-part investigation by the Pentagon and “sensitivity training” to make sure that we kill and dispose of the enemy in a culturally sensitive way. (see the .pdf here).

That uproar was all about burning bodies that were already dead! For sanitation reasons! Sure, some overeager psyops guys decided the incident provided a serendipitous opportunity to quickly kill more combatants before they scurried back into their hilly caves. Bait the other asshats out of hiding so they, too, could discover the joys of meeting Allah. What’s not to like?



Stoopid hippies! They’re holding signs that demand contradictory actions. On the left are signs calling for “cut-and-run” while on the right is a sign calling for “No Redeployment”.

Hmmmmm, “bring them home” but “don’t allow them to leave the war zone”. Stoopid. “Bring them home so we can beat them up” is more like it.

Speaking of stoopid, y’all should check out Mark Glesne’s “moonbat mascot” here and here. The mascot is stoopid!!! NOT Mark (super-smart Marine!)

August 18, 2006

I Didn’t Know al-Qaeda Was Our 3rd Branch of Govt….

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Judge Amahdushybag bin-Biggs al-Taylor
Federal Judge Anna bin-Biggs al-Taylor.

A federal judge in Detroit yesterday ruled that President Bush’s domestic terrorist surveillance program is unconstitutional, agreeing with a challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union and a group of lawyers, academics and journalists.

… ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told reporters that the opinion was “another nail in the coffin in the Bush administration’s legal strategy in the war on terror.”

So, what else is new? stopaclu.png

What would Gunny say?

GySgt Burghardt flips off the Muj that tried and failed to kill him.

Yeah, that’s what I thought… What do I say?

after impaling them, of course.

August 3, 2006

The Beverly Murtha

by @ 12:20 am. Filed under teh Funny, Vengeance!

Semper I
Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Jack
A fat EX-Marine who tried to give the Corps a whack
And then one day he was slandering the Troops
When up popped a voice that said “Man, you’re gettin’ sued

Court, that is
Libel time
Civil Suit

Now, old Jack got scared that his bluff was being called
He wandered ’round The Hill asking “Hey, you seen my balls?”
Then he got a bright idea to divert the vulture press
And he boarded the next flight to the Cuban fortress

Gitmo, that is
bad guys
Flying Down to Cuber
Well the next thing you know old Jackie’s in the air
His handlers said “Jack, get your ass down there!”
“And find some guards who are peein’ on Korans”
“Then come on back up here and blame the ‘Publicans”

Nazis, that is
Pol Pot

Phelps Beach Blanket Queero
When Jack touched down on lovely Gitmo Bay
He rolled out the plane sayin’ “Man, this place is gay!”
Reverend Phelps asked “Jack, are you into S&M?”
“Forget about the jail, drop your pants and come on in!”

Chains, that is
leather thongs
gay bars

guantanamo-jack.jpgSoon the news got out that the Congressman was lost
The guards began a search fearin’ Jackie had got sauced
They found him on the beach wearin’ nothing but a grin
So they hauled him off to jail, took his drink and booked him in

jumpsuits, that is
chain link fences
Club Med

Now the moral of this story is Do Not Trust Jack
A fat EX-Marine who thinks the Code is just some smack
He wants all your dough so he can tell you what to do
When he opens his big mouth, what comes out is giant poo

Turds, that is
stinky stuff
log style

Ya’ll come back now, y’hear!

July 10, 2006

Dead Terrorist Count – Part II

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UPDATE: Dead Terrorist counter now has a page with a dump from the database! Hit “more” at the bottom of the post.

It still keeps track of all the terrorist asshats that have assumed room temperature since al-Zarqawi was turned into a true splodytard (June 7, 2006). Here is General Caldwell’s Dog and Pony show about the joyous event.

The numbers are extracted from a MySQL database which I update with any news/release info found on the various DoD web sites. I know darned well there are more “kills” than are reported to the public but this is what I can find by searching various DoD sites.

Feed me links if you don’t see them in the table! GunnNutt – @ –


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