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June 2, 2009

The Ad Ford Should Be Running

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I’ve always been a Ford girl. I love Fords regardless of what my Chevy friends say. Nyeh! I was never prouder of Ford than when it told the Gubmint to take a hike with its bailout money. I wrote and told them how proud I was to continue to be a Ford customer. So it was with some disappointment that I had to say I hated Ford’s decision to jump on the bandwagon of making the car payments of people who lost their jobs while owing Ford money.

What the hell? Why does Ford have to be such a pandering weenie? This is the ad they should be running:

No, we won’t make your car payments if you lose your job. We won’t serve you milk and cookies or tuck you into bed at night, either! You’re all grown up and can handle a setback like looking for a new job while you figure out how to fulfill your commitments to your creditors.

See, we here at Ford figured out how to keep our own company going without taking stealing money from you, the taxpayers of America. We know you will treat us with the same dignity and respect.


Buy Ford. Keep America out of Obama’s hands.

2 Responses to “The Ad Ford Should Be Running”

  1. billf Says:

    You always have the right thought process when it comes to pandering to the masses. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Standing on your own two feet is what makes America great and is what is going to make us USA’ns even greater in the future. Great post GN, hope to see ya soon.

  2. Sammy D Says:

    Right on, GN. You tell ’em.

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