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May 23, 2009

Pre-Memorial Day at Walter Reed

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We had a good turnout this week: 15 patriots to 9 stinking pinkos. Only one abusive nutbag in a car. I don’t write about Friday nights at Walter Reed much anymore ’cause it’s all the same and sameness is boring. But tonight something rather special did happen.

A soldier who is a patient in the hospital came out to visit us. Nothing new there.

He went down to the Pinkos and talked to them, too. Ditto. Nothing new.

When he came back up to the “right” side, I went over to say “Thank you” and to talk. Still nothing new.

Then, the bombshell: This soldier was at the White House yesterday and came face to face with Zero and .. refused to shake his hand!


Part of me thinks his action was disrespectful, but this warrior has the right to express his opinion and that was certainly a powerful way of doing so. What cojones!! I’m so proud of him… *sniff*

5 Responses to “Pre-Memorial Day at Walter Reed”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Wow…good for him for expressing his opinion…I don’t know but what I wouldn’t have wanted to do the same if I had been in his shoes.

  2. Samantha West Says:

    Perhaps somewhere in that empty head of Obama’s he’ll start to get the hint… Good for my Warrior, expressing himself and standing up. It’s not like he disobeyed an order from the (cough-cough) commander in chief.

  3. MaxineKolbe Says:

    He more than earned the right to show his feeling, however strong they
    were. I would not have had the nerve but am glad he did what he felt
    was right for him.

  4. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Hot dog!!
    Does my new hero need anything?? lol

  5. ruralcounsel Says:

    I presume he was off duty and out of uniform (since otherwise he should have been saluting, not shaking hands). In which case….

    Hurrah for him! Not only would I not shake Obama’s hand, but if he shows up at my home he’d better get his sorry ass back into the public road. POTUS is NOT welcome on my property.

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