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August 30, 2008

VP Palin’s Flying Circus

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I just LOVE McPain’s pick for VEEP! I think the selection of Gov. Palin was an inspiration and its certainly gotten the “base” all excited. For good reasons, too! Just look at the extended family:

Sarah was taught her love of firearms by Cousin Smedly Palin, the famed big game hunter. Smedly Palin’s exploits on the African veld are the stuff myths are made of! Here he is shown with the trophies of his most recent safari into the Amazon.

Sarah’s family includes some European royalty! Sir Sagimore Palin, shown to the right of dear family friend Arthur Pendragon above, is sure to be an asset in our attempts to regain our image over seas. He’s just a whiz making “clip-clop” noises with coconut shells.

Cousin ‘Nit’ may prove to be a problem. His love of Billy Beer and popping up at inappropriate times may be an embarrassment to the campaign.


This post is just in fun. I really am happy about the selection of Sarah Palin to be the VP candidate. I like her A LOT!

August 14, 2008

Putin the Putz

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Comrade Vladmir is recreating the USSR. He misses the old days when The Party ran everything and could physically crush any signs of rebellion. He’s removed all remnants of the free press, jailed or killed political rivals and instituted a policy of aggressive anti-western propaganda. This becomes evident when reading the hate-America drivel rampant on Russian blogs.

Russians think the following comic is funny, and true.

Aaaawwwww, poor widdle Ossetia, filled with peaceful ethnic Russians just trying to get along, is being bullied by big, bad Georgia!!! Russia has to come along and make things right by stomping bully-boy Georgia and taking widdle Ossetia back home to Momma Russia.

Czar Vladimir doesn’t dare tell his serfs that he’s been doing all he can to fill Ossetia with Russian passport holding citizens and convincing them to rebel against their sovereign government in Tbilisi. He certainly won’t admit that his ambition is to put a puppet government in place to give him control of the oil pipeline from the Caspian sea.

The cartoon really should look like this:

Unfortunately, too many Americans have no idea how critical it is for our own national security to keep Georgia a free and autonomous nation. Not to mention the fact that they have been a really good friend to us in Iraq and have sent, per capita, more troops than any other country besides the UK.

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