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March 14, 2008

Birds of a (Hateful) Feather

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These two have more in common than first meets the eye.

Turds of a Feather
The “Reverends” Fred Phelps and Jeremiah Wright.

They both preach hate; they both hate America. Phelps thinks the U.S. is damned because it allows homosexuals in the military. Wright demands God to damn America because he hates white people.

Normal people dismiss and condemn Phelps for his crazy, hate-filled views. We can all agree that he’s an insane, evil crackpot. We go to great lengths to keep him away from military funerals and confront him where ever possible.

It seems that lots of normal people are willing to accept what Wright preaches even though he is CLEARLY evil and a hate monger. Is it because Wright is black and it’s PC to allow certain liberals to behave in an unpatriotic manner? Is it because he is sooooo close to Obama and his supporters just won’t let anything come between them and their “savior?” I know that lots of people just want Wright and his evil church to go away and pretend that Obama has nothing to do with them, but I think it needs to stay on the front burner.

Wright’s impassioned sermons cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. This is “hate speech” and should not be misrepresented as just “part of a culture”. Mr. Obama and his wife have most certainly been molded and groomed to believe in this racist, anti-American crap. Why else has Michelle Obama never before been proud of this country? Why else does Barack no longer wear an American flag lapel pin or hold his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegience?

Barack Hussein Obama — bad for America.

9 Responses to “Birds of a (Hateful) Feather”

  1. Cappy Says:

    The HateAmericaRant from the left is nothing new. I’ve heard it for years, usually muted but always in the background from some people. Very seldom does it surface in full force, and usually only for a pot shot, like “American’s hated around the world”, or “We need to get away from being ruled by old white men”. The look-at-your-shoes-in-shame-during-the-National-Anthem BS is more common. But it’s all based in a deep shame at being an American.

    Phooey, I say.

  2. Karen I Says:

    I think Phelps is much worse for picketing and being vulgar at Military funerals.Obama is 1/2 White and Whites aren’t claiming him;Blacks are.That may be where the real racism lies, in my humble opinion.Hate from the pulpit in any manner is not a good thing.Our troops of any ethnicity do not need to come home to hear such talk having paid a high price in their lives for free speech among other freedoms.

  3. Leta Says:

    I suppose as long as most Americans can continue to fill their cars with gasoline, fill their tummies with food and drink, relax on a Saturday afternoon at the golf course (or at whatever their “pleasure” may be), live without fear of their self center lives being disrupted then those who wish to denegrate the moral fiber and “liberty and justice for all” will continue to be allowed their freedom of speech.

    What a pile of poop.

  4. jim b Says:

    Amen ladies.

  5. billf Says:

    God The Father will have the final say when these two go before Him. Grandstanding has no place in the pulpit or anywhere in a true Christian church. These two will get their due the hard way.

  6. Truth Hurts Says:

    Read the book of Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible. Read the words of Isaiah in the Old Testament. No one condemned the nation of Israel more than these two people. They spoke of the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem for her sins and were written of as “Israel haters” by the people of their day. But the truth is that it happened! These were prophets speaking in the prophetic! So was Jeremiah Wright! He was speaking in the prophetic. I tell you the truth, you Americans are so arrogant in your superpower status. Like Babylon you will fall down because of the mass consumption, lasciviousness and homosexuality that is destroying families. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah and tell me if America is any different. Look at Babylon and tell me if America is any different. The ‘Girls Went Wild’ in Noah’s day and a flood destroyed the entire nation! No Empire will ever rise above the Church of Jesus Christ! Rome fell. Syria fell. Russia fell. The British Empire fell. America will fall! It’s already beginning to fall with the collapse of Wall Street, Housing markets, etc. Your day of reckoning is coming! Trust what the spirit says through prophets like Jeremiah Wright. Remember, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Obadiah and many other Old Testament prophets condemned their own countries and many of them were written off but their words continue to live on. You do not belive this but you and your descendants will see it with your own eyes!

    The “Reverend” Wright hates this country. His allegiance is to Africa and to black people. I believe he is nothing but a cult leader and is in it for the almighty buck. The rest of us folks who love America will continue to work hard to keep her the way that made her great. You just sound jealous. –GN

  7. Sssteve Says:

    truth hurts,
    The problem with your little parrallel is phelps and wright are not being led by the Spirit of God. Since you used the bible to make your point, the bible states that those that are speaking for the Spirit, or are Spirit filled, will exude the fruits of the Spirit. And my friend, neither of these 2 people exude those fruits. The prophets of old were filled with the Spirit of God and wrote of the coming of Christ and His holy Kingdom. Not one earthly, but one from within, to all nations. so your argument holds no merit. I agree GN, this guy just sounds jealous. Sorry it took so much space, it’s your site. hope all is well there. it’s been awhile since I have been by. hope to be by more often!

  8. joseph Says:

    i never thought i would say that i liked hillary clinton.but for the dems. she is the only candidate that is even close to being a pro-military and a american patriot. i am not a dem.but i do vote for the person that best qualifies for commander and chief of this great country of ours how can a x marine talk down about his coutry for so long and have a candidate stay by his side for so long, its to late to change your preacher now obama even your life style in this country is so much better and you are going to listen to someone that preaches nothing but hate about this great and blessed country i can not believe in you at all now obama joseph

  9. Andrew Says:

    I’m not sure if Reverend Wright is as accepted as you claim he is. At least he doesn’t go to funerals of fallen soldiers – I think that’s what makes Phelps much worse than Wright, he’s actually willing to travel around to spread his garbage in person.

    But, that’s religion for ya! Everyone thinks God’s on their side.

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