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February 28, 2008

Conservatism means …

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Never having to say you’re sorry for using Barak Hussein Obama’s middle name.

8 Responses to “Conservatism means …”

  1. Karen I Says:

    There is nothing wrong with using someone’s middle name. I’m sure there are nice husseins and not nice husseins. Marines wear kilts, and Obama wears Kenyan clothing and people wear ethnic clothing to various ethnic festivals. This is not news, and certainly nothing to apologize for.

  2. Leta Says:

    I agree with Karen. Wish I could write an original reply but I’m so shocked you posted I can’t think right now.


  3. SK Says:

    GN posted? Wha…..????

    I’m not sure about there being nice Hussein’s. Especially cuz this one wants to steal my money to give to somebody else. Any way you look at it, that still makes him a strong armmed, theivin’ member of the same family.

  4. GunnNutt Says:

    There are soooo many reasons NOT to like Obama that his middle name is just one. McPain is never going to win back the conservative base with his kissy-face behavior towards his “colleagues”.

  5. TexasFred Says:

    I had a moonbat tell me recently that my posts had NO relevance at all, because if they did I would NOT use Obama’s FULL name…

    So, now I use it every chance I get… 🙂

    Some of ya’ll might be interested in this:
    Bloggers Against The Obama Nation Blogroll

  6. g. atkins Says:

    Barack and Michelle Obama
    are neither anti-white, nor
    anti-American. This is just
    more right wing rhetoric!

    You all have a choice, Obama
    or more of the same. Staying
    in Iraq and getting more
    beautiful young service people
    killed. Just to satisfy this
    republican vs democrat feud!

    As far as Rev. Wright is
    concerned. Hagee is just as
    Be honest, how many
    white people go to Church’s
    or have friends that are
    hateful towards African
    Americans? Come on we all
    know at least one person
    who says hateful things
    about African-Americans.
    Do we stand up and tell
    them that this is wrong?
    I do not think so!

    I don’t hang around with bigots. I won’t vote for one which is why I won’t vote for Obama. He’s an anti-American, communist race hustler. –GN

  7. martha Says:

    McCain is no prince but even a few of Hillary’s supporters will vote for him over Barack Hussein Obama, that speaks volumes right?

    Sometimes, sadly, it’s the lesser of two evils…

  8. David Says:

    I still have yet to hear one valid reason to NOT vote for Obama. I’ve heard a lot of really dumb things.

    McCain, however, oh boy, there is a HUGE list of reasons not to vote for that psycho, tempormental, war-happy, old guy. Oldest man to ever be president and who promised more wars and being in Iraq 100 years, versus a half black guy. Get over the pigment, Obama is the perfect candidate for President. Period.

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