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November 16, 2007

The True Iraq is Emerging

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Michael Yon’s got the post that can’t be missed or dissed. Come Home is a must see!

Way to go, Mike!!! This is the image of Iraq that we’ve all been waiting to see – one country, one people. Praise God that these good Muslim neighbors want their old friends to come home.

Long Live the New Iraq!!!!

8 Responses to “The True Iraq is Emerging”

  1. Karen I. Says:

    Thanks for calling our attention to this GN. Its good to be near tears about something so special happening over there between the people of Iraq.

  2. Stephen R Maloney Says:

    I’m grateful I’m an American with the chance to support William Russell against Jack Murtha.

    I’d like to inspire you to support Lt. Col. William Russell in his race against Jack Murtha. Please support Russell by going to his web site at: He can use your help.

    I write regularly about the Russell campaign on

    steve maloney
    ambridge, pa

    You can help continue the momentum by informing your blog readers about the Russelll Crusade.

  3. Stephen R Maloney Says:


    Jenn of the Jungle, a BlogTalkRadio powerhouse, will have Lt. Col. William Russell, who’s running hard and well against John Murtha, on her radio show at 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10. Jenn announces her show will be “Skewering Leftards like shrimp on a barbi . . . Jenn’s Jungle Radio supports our troops and their mission. Bring it Moonbats.” She’s good. She’s funny. And she just may be the girl your mother warned you about!

    Find Jenn at The call-in number for her show, and I hope you will do so, is: (646) 478-5334. She’s a strong and effective supporter of our troops.

  4. Stephen R Maloney Says:

    Dear Blogger 4 Russell:

    It’s early in the congressional campaign season, but this is a crucial time for Lt. Col. William Russell to generate the campaign donations he needs to win against John Murtha. If you have the financial circumstances that allow you to contribute $20, $50 or more to the Russell Campaign. I hope you and every visitor to your site will take this opportunity to seize the opportunity to produce real, positive change in our country.

    On my site today ( I talk about several veterans, including William Russell, who deserve your support.

    You can reach me at:

  5. Karen I. Says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Karen I. Says:

    Happy New Year to all!

  7. Samir Says:

    The war is pointless and stupid, IMHO.

    I’m tired of it. Bring our heroes home and fund our schools, not bombs.

    Let’s end poverty and war.

  8. Karen I Says:

    Where is GunNutt? She is working on an enormous distribution project and is sure to be posting the particulars plus pictures soon, bless her heart.

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