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November 13, 2007

An Eastern Shore Veterans Day

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Thanks to the American Legion, Jeff Davis Post 18 and America’s Wounded Heroes, 4 Wounded Warriors from Walter Reed were treated to a very special Veteran’s Day this year.

Happy Hunters
SGT Josh Sparling, SSG Sean Cannon, CPL Robert Schubert, SPC Chase Matthews with their ducks and shotguns.

4 shotguns were donated for the guys! A Charles Daly from Ducks Unlimited, an H&K from Bass Pro Shop and 2 Brownings from Safari International and MD Waterfowl Association.

Everybody shoot!
Action shot!

Rudy and Chase
Chase shoots with his dad, Rudy, looking on.

Josh lookin' all serious
Josh concentrating.

The Times Herald of Port Huron, MI, did a really nice article this weekend about the charity America’s Wounded Heroes and the duck hunt event. Unfortunately, we didn’t get all the pics edited and uploaded in time for them to be included in the article. For all the fun stuff and some serious photos, check it out here.

Josh and Mike
Josh and Mike Sparling.

The great Veterans and spouses of the American Legion Jeff Davis Squadron and Post 18, Centerville, MD made the whole weekend wonderful! They made our young heroes feel like superstars (which, of course, they are!). There will be more news and updates on the AWH website once I get it updated IS more news and stuff on the New, the Improved, America’s Wounded Heroes website!

8 Responses to “An Eastern Shore Veterans Day”

  1. Leta Says:

    What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing this outting with us. Looks like a fine time was had by all. I hope there are more opportunities like this.

    OK, I can’t end this comment without saying…Mike sure does look different all cleaned up than in knickers. LOL.

    I think its OK to note that his son looks mightly studdly as well 😉 –GN

  2. jim b Says:

    Thanks for a great story GN

  3. Peakah Says:

    Sweet photos… now that’s how a day is spent!

  4. SK Says:

    As always, you hang around with the best people! Mike and Josh do look quite spiffy:)

  5. Melinda Says:

    Looks like fun (well, for everyone ‘cept the quackers!) and I’m glad the guys were able to get out & do some hunting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. Karen I. Says:

    Thanks to the Heroes, and all who made this possible. Great pics. If I weren’t happily married I would be here all day trying to pick between the dads.

  7. Sammy D Says:

    What a wonderful “feel good” day. Thanks so much for the pics of all those studs!!! Enough to make a CL swoon.

  8. Mary*Ann Says:

    What a great story.

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