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September 10, 2007

Dear Senator Schumer…

by @ 12:48 pm. Filed under Milblogging, Politics, Troop Support, Vengeance!

You suck worse than anything that has sucked before!

Screw you and the ugly horse you rode in on!

Schmucky Schumer

How dare you defame and disrespect our military with such blatant lies and naked hate?

I’m watching Gen. Petraeus and the witch hunt on C-Span3 right now and the demonuts on the committee are acting in the most egregious manner possible.

What a bunch of F***ing Traitors!!!!!! I wish the General could whip out his security team and instruct them to take out the whole lot!

Rep. Lantos (D-CA) “General this isn’t meant to besmirch you, but … you suck! You just do what the President says and we all know how stoopid he is. Maliki sucks, the war sucks, all is lost!”

Old fart, YOU need to retire and go spend your time at the beach! The American people believe in Petraeus and in our Military and in the MISSION! So, STFU!!! doofus
HOORAY! Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) comes to the rescue!!!!! Says the DimBulbs have been attacking the General’s credibility and the treasonous ad by MoveOn.Al calling Petraeus a traitor. Says the dems are idiots and outrageous.

Unbelievable! Hunter is even sticking up for L. Paul Bremmer and letting the Iraqi Army disolve itself back in ’03. ‘Bout time somebody told why that was so important. Says the Army would have been a disaster if we left 11,000 Suni generals in place.
1:30pm EST- brief interlude while the mics are fixed. probably due to MoveOn.Al virus.

Now General Petraeus is speaking. “Tribal rejection of al-Quida in Anbar is spreading to other areas. We can begin troup drawdowns if this trend continues.”

“The surge is working and we have more than just ‘gut feelings’ to prove it” They are using statistical methodology that has been approved by 2 U.S. intelligence agencies and the data is gathered from not just U.S. Military, but Iraqi sources as well. Living and working within the Iraqi communities has made a huge difference. Ethnocentric violence has declined precipitously. Locals are increasingly participating with the coalition in turning in al-Quida and taking the initiative to locate and report weapons caches.

Locals are increasingly volunteering for the police and Army. Salah al Din and Ninewah provinces have been tough, but are showing declines in violence recently.

1:44pm EST – Another MoveOn.Al/CodePink demonstration in the chamber…
Gen. Petraeus “The most significant thing to happen is the participation by local citizens and tribal leaders in Al Anbar to partner with the coalition and rejection of the extremists. “ Take that Schmucky Schumer!

Gen P “Don’t rush to failure!” – he looked at the commitee when he said cyberspace is increasingly being used by the bad guys as a way to wage war on us. Take THAT MoveOn.Al!

Political stability can only come with security stability. Iraq wants to be our friend. Gen. P is recommending the redeployment of MEFII at the end of the month! As well as more drawdowns in the next few months.

Smart man! He’s thanking Congress for funding a bunch of stuff for the military!
2:00pm EST – Another CodePink interruption. Beotches!

I see Gael Murphy in the audience. These witches will continue to cause disruption, but Rep./Chairman Skelton (D-MO) just blusters and won’t eject all the whores.
Now Ryan Crocker, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq speaking. (too bad he’s got a lisp and a rather high voice…)
I’m sorry, this guy is so boring I can’t pay attention.

Now the fun part starts. Chairman Skelton starts off by reminding us that while our sons and daughters are sweating and sacrificing, the Iraqi parliament is sitting on its collective thumbs and not doing enough on reconciliation. “Why should we (the elite in the US Congress) believe the next 6 months will be any different?”

BBWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What the HELL have you accomplished in the last 6 months, Congressman? *asshole*

Old fart Lantos is up again. Asks Petraeus why his “token withdrawl” should be accepted when there are military critics out there that want all the troops to come home now?

Petraeus responding that his proposal is a substantial withdrawl, not a token. Don’t “rush to failure”, you old fart! What the hell are you talking about, anyway?

Lantos, “respectable media favors more substantial withdrawl” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Petraeus “I have given you my best advice and information, I don’t know where you are getting your information, Congressman” Basically telling him (Lantos) he’s an idiot!

Lantos then asks Amb. Crocker why that Cowboy Bush won’t surrender to the Iranians? Then brings up the widely misreported statement by Maliki that he can “find other friends” if the US leaves.

Crocker says that Maliki said today that Iraq needs the coalition to stay.

Now Rep Spratt (D-SC) is complaining about $$. Says that “everything hinges on National Reconciliation”. (since when? This is just the latest Democrat benchmark!)

Rep. Saxton (R-NJ) is interrupted by CodePink whores after he held up a copy of the NYSlimes with the MoveOn.Al anti-Petraeus ad.
I had to go back to work. Sometimes it sucks being a conservative who believes in making her own living and not being a blood-sucking leftard mooching off the government and sitting all day in a hearing chamber making a fool of oneself. Eh, Gael?

6 Responses to “Dear Senator Schumer…”

  1. SK Says:

    Is somebody would hire you as their ace reporter, I might start watching the news again!

  2. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Yep, watching tonight on reruns.

    DON’T RUSH TO FAILURE!! Well said General!

    Right up there with getting Stuck on Stupid!

    Could bitch-slap a few pink parasites… really bitch-slap.

  3. Mary*Ann Says:

    Watched till I couldn’t take it anymore…CP gives pink a bad rep. Great analysis GN.

  4. linda Says:

    I couldn’t watch much of that without biting my tongue off! I said the same thing you did about how much our own congress has accomplished! NOTHING! Lantos called Bush stupid? Where do these idiots get off? Screching pink coders—-enough to make ya wanna jab a pencil in your ear!

    When you have time (and calm down) come over and take a look at Operation Happy Note for deployed soldiers. I saw it on the news and tracked down the info and am trying to get the word out.

    Heard about the damaging of the VN Memorial–from a blogger, not on the news. What scum! (info at Degree of Madness. I’ll have to look up the url.)

  5. linda Says:

    That was a good post, GN! They should’ve let you clear out the pink coders!


  6. Grey Lensman Says:

    so, gn…don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think of Comrade Schumer??

    and (mild correction) it’s: Screw you and the ugly horse you rode in UNDER!

    HAHAHAHA! I really like your version of that old saying, Grey. -GN

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