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July 28, 2007

duck, … duck, … duck … GOOSE!

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It time to play Tag! You’re IT!

conretebob has done me the honor (hack!) of including me in a wee game of “spill your guts and pass it on“. So, without further ado…

1. I once saw Nazereth and Blue Oyster Cult at the Alexandria Roller Rink.

2. My first car was a ’72 Grand Torino Sport with a 351 Cleveland. It could skoooot!

3. I’d love to one day jump out of an airplane.

4. I’ve raced at Summit Point (West “By God” Virginia), Virginia International Speedway, Lowe’s Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Road Atlanta, Rockingham, Mid Ohio, and on the high banks of Daytona.

5. I have a great bunch of friends affectionately known as the Church Ladies!

6. I don’t like writing about myself like this….

14 Responses to “duck, … duck, … duck … GOOSE!”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    3. Iā€™d love to one day jump out of an airplane.

    Be sure and have a parachute on 1st… šŸ™‚

  2. University Update - West 8 - duck, ā€¦ duck, ā€¦ duck ā€¦ GOOSE! Says:

    […] the Webmaster Link to Article west 8 duck, ā€¦ duck, ā€¦ duck ā€¦ GOOSE! » Posted at Semper Gratus! on Saturday, […]

  3. Karen I. Says:

    Wonders never cease!

  4. Sammy D Says:

    Awwwww that’s so sweet, Gunnutt, you mentioned the CLs when spilling your guts. Awwwww. And you DO want a parachute when you jump, right? Just looking after you, honey bun.

  5. Concerned Grunt Says:

    Mrs. Tutwiler – Me ‘n the boys are Real Concerned that you didn’t spill your guts about that time we let you sneak under our kevlar camos and ….. well, honest to Pete, it’s REAL HARD for me not to tell your readers what happened when you ………………..

    I know Lcpl Pete at least is working REAL HARD — I just got an announcement of the birth of his first daughter! –GN

  6. Cheryl Friend Says:

    Damn it! Now when did you race at Mid Ohio?

    It’s been a few years ago. Really fun track! –GN

  7. Bridget Says:

    The Church Ladies would knit you that parachute…

  8. Ms Bhavin Says:

    Why Saint G’Nutt – how come you’re not spillin’ your guts about the time we CLs mixed up a batch of The Good Stuff Taco Shots and after we cooked ourselves silly, we ….. ok, I can’t remember what we did after that, but I’m hopin’ Our Lady of the Lens caught it on tape, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure you & Elvis were “bumpin’ a duet” before that night was over. Shhhhhhhhhh

  9. Sammy D Says:

    OK Mrs. Tutwiler – what have you done with Concerned Grunt??? He hasn’t been seen nor heard from ever since he told you he was Real Concerned you’d spill your guts about “that sticky kevlar incident”.

  10. Sammy D Says:

    And now Ms. B’havin’ is missing, too. Apparantly you don’t want “those in the know” to tell the REAL GUNNUTT stories, eh? It’s starting to look like a vast right-wing conspiracy…….

  11. kilo alpha Says:

    F.Y.I. Of course, Ms. Behavin’ is hiding out with the Acolyte Van Diesel, and AFSister is with Concerned Grunt again. GunnNutt has been conspiring with the trusted quiltladies to make special quilts to make their love nests more comfy. I could tell you how I know all this but then I’d have to shoot you. GunnNutt is safe as I can’t out shoot her.

    I misread this at first and thought you wrote we were making quilts for their “special units“. I was going to be angry with someone for spilling the beans… -GN

  12. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    But, what color underwear were you wearing at the Blue Oyster Cult concert?..! LOL!

    Dang, but you get around girl!

  13. Sammy D Says:

    Well OooRah for LCpl Pete !!!!!!!!!!! Tell him he’s getting blown hugs and kisses from all the CLs for his new wee one.

  14. billf Says:

    I know that Torino could skoooot ’cause I built the engine in that little rat-spanker. We also saw Deep Purple and Savoy Brown at the Capital Center. Remember that time in Florida at The Brown Dreby when We were gettin’ reaaallly toasted and You told that bartender…..

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