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July 18, 2007

Kill Count Breaks 6000!

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I don’t mean our brave troops who have given all for our Nation, but the number of islamofacist scumbags who we’ve sent to Allah.

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The little graphic shows the number of confirmed kills since al-Zarqawi assumed room temperature June 7, 2006. I garnered these numbers from official news releases from Iraq and Afghanistan, with some reports coming from other sources such as AP and Reuters. They DO NOT represent the actual number of nutjobs who have “vanished in a hail of lead and shrapnel.” Unfortunately, the reports of terrorist deaths are almost non-existent on purpose.

There is a very good article that is part of the Citizens Report on Iraq produced by members of in which Prof. Larry Schweikart explains the lack of reportage and also extrapolates from various sources that the real number is somewhere above 150,000 since the beginning of the war. See the .pdf file and look for his article starting on page 56.

What is different today is that more and more numbers are actually being reported since the “surge” strategy started. There was a real drought since the beginning of the year, but the numbers are rising rapidly now. OORAH!

If you’d like to see where the reports are, look here.

This is one of the awesome banners from out front of Walter Reed that FReepers set up on Friday nights.

9 Responses to “Kill Count Breaks 6000!”

  1. Karen I. Says:

    I always wondered about that! Great sign.

  2. jimmyb Says:

    God bless the troops. 🙂

  3. - Where The Military Matters Most Says:

    […] Over 6000 confirmed enemy kills in Iraq and Afghanistan since June 7, 2006. [Semper Gratus!] […]

  4. SK Says:

    What a GREAT banner! You guys still ROCK!!

  5. Civil Warrior Says:

    WHY do we never hear about this stuff!!?? Everybody here at home seems to think we are getting our butts kicked, when we a re the ones kicking butt! Grrrrr…

  6. Donna, Los Osos, Ca Says:

    Now that’s a banner!

    Now, it would be really good if they calculated an estimate of how many people were SAVED because of these terrorist kills. We know some of these guys were responsible for multipule deaths.

    OORAH is right!!

  7. Maj Pain Says:

    Good stuff as always bud. Keep attacking!

  8. Claire Says:

    Great information here! I have a son in Iraq who was part of the surge (Infantry Stryker soldier). He is extremely encouraged, and the last time we talked he said that the area he is currently in has residents who want rid of Al Q. These residents are even taking the initiative to kick terrorist butt when they see them coming. Oh, I bet that Reid is having to take Valium when he hears reports like this. War lost? Not a freaking chance!

    OORAH and Hooah! from this Army wife/ Army mom!

  9. Scott Says:

    If you love the war, you can thank the US recession from too much foreign policy spending. Russia learned its lesson back in 1989 to get out of Afghanistan, as it cost the country too much money and about 60,000 men. From 1991 to 2006 it took Russia 15 years to pay off their entire deficit and to get Russia back on its Superpower status again. A recession hit the country hard but after Putin came in 2000, the entire country has raisin again. Now the 5th (instead of 10th) fastest growing countries in the world, it will continue to push more and more military arsenals because the US is pushing NATO into more post Soviet countries. Russia’s military budget will suppress the United States $500 billion annual budget by 2015 as the US is heavily losing money. The US foreign policy is costing the country so much money that it is more than the IRS collects on income tax.

    Washington Acknowledges Russia as Superpower May 2007

    CNN Russia: A superpower rises again
    POSTED: 1203 GMT (2003 HKT), December 13, 2006
    Says Russia was always a Superpower

    The US is planning to spend more and more money on foreign policy this year and next year but so does the conflict grows with it. Russia continues to spend and develop more top secret weapons as the US is using Poland to build a new ICMB nuclear
    Missiles center pissing off the Russian’s more over an Iran issue.

    The US is pushing and pushing post Soviet countries to get NATO in as this is completely against Ronald Reagan’s promise to Mikhail Gorbachev about his 17 soviet countries US would not allow any invading or extend NATO membership. President Bush has gone completely against Ronald Reagan’s promise to Russia as Russia is continuing it nuclear arsenals allover again. I can understand why Russia is pissed when this is official signatures between Ronald Reagan’s promise to Mikhail Gorbachev about NATO.

    Russia is spending in the next 10 year more than 12 trillion on a new Russian Naval fleet (their deadline is to become the world’s largest Navy by 2018), their Red Army which is also allowing China to join and a new expanded air force. Russia has developed the world’s most deadliest weapon on top of that called Scalar Weapons which is in the mist being used for testing till the government launches its new discovery to the world.

    I could go on about this but the issue is the US is pushing for more spending on Foreign Policy that it is costing so much money to US tax payers but also so much conflict. Russia and China are so against NATO that the US really needs to back down.

    Ron Paul said as long as we push more foreign policy we will create more conflict which it is clear that Russia is endorsing Ron Paul for president because he is against NATO and etc US foreign military operations.

    The US has so much debt that it owes so much money to China and European banks, we are going bankrupt. NASA cannot fully operate as an example because NASA is beyond 1% of the US budget and the US does not have any new rockets planned for Mars nor the International space station (soon their will be only 2 shuttles as one is set to be decommissioned next year and Congress closed the X-33 and X-43 projects because it was too much money) as it is in limbo as Russia has to help complete some of the US mission because NASA is just out of money. Russia has announced it is starting it’s Mar’s mission in 2015 through 2024 along with a Moon station where the US is dry because there is no funds except to finish the International Space Station.

    There is so much to state our problems but the wealth in the US is down shifting completely and I believe a recession is not our worse ticket but a real depression will happen in this country.

    I believe that the network of the infamous Bilderberg Group, the people behind the European Union really are pushing the US to its knees. It may not be now but the US needs to start eliminating our spending especially foreign policy and eliminating the Federal Reserve to allow free enterprise to control the interest rates. We have people in the government that are controlling people’s spending and selling out to corporations.

    I am an American but I have seen Russia turned completely upside down to a new wealthy country. The money the Russian government has will only get better and better for them and the US will continue to divert its wealth losing its GDP markets.

    Russia is not an enemy; they are only being realistic as anybody would do the same thing (because they are a Superpower, the US is pushing them again). If you want to save your country, vote for Ron Paul, it’s not a war issue it is about saving the country.

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