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June 4, 2007

Fun with Political Contributions

by @ 9:47 pm. Filed under Politics, teh Funny

FReeper BufordP has come up with a witty and flexible form you can use to “send a message” to the RNC.

Given the Senate is threatening to give away the farm this week, I decided I had to do something. Sure I could call my Senators (Jim Webb and John Warner [choke, gag]) on the phone and harp. I could stand outside the Whitehouse, RNC HQ, or the Capitol – alone or with just a few from the DC Chapter and picket. Or, I could create something that a large number of people might be interested in putting to good use. Even those who might otherwise not bother with corresponding with their legislators.

So I scanned one of the many RNC solicitations I’ve recieved in the mail so I could dress it up and make it say what I’m really thinking. Not one of their bogus canned responses.

But that’s not all. Make it so you can edit it.

What you see below is a sample letter I created.

Try creating your own. You’ll be able to edit the TO:, FROM:, SALUTATION, MESSAGE, and the QUOTE coming out of President Bush’s mouth. You’ll see “El Presidente Jorge Bush” highlighted. Type in something else. Press the key to move to next field or just press your mouse button over the various fields.

Once you’re satisfied print it off along with the self addressed envelope.


So, go ahead and have fun! Thanks BufordP!

If you really want to send something that looks like money with your response, you might print out a few of these “Bush Pesos”. I found what may be the original on Hot Air, thanks to another FReeper, Tolerance Sucks Rocks.

Nada Peso, si!

3 Responses to “Fun with Political Contributions”

  1. Deborah Aylward Says:

    Dear Gunn Nutt: It won’t be long before that is the currency here in the Great White North (the only thing I share with the…commenter…of April 18th is being in the same country). I’m so ashamed of the porous border we share with America, when we receive so much help from the U.S. Military protecting our skies and coastlines, that I want to let every American know that I stand by your side. Thank you for allowing me to visit and comment.

    Veritas et Fidelis Semper

    Thank YOU, Deborah! I know the majority of Canadians are far more conservative than your major media pinheads would like us to believe and that our values are closely aligned. I think Canada faces unreported dangers from border crossings from our side that obviously originate from our ‘swiss cheese’ southern openess.

    I, for one, am proud that the U.S. has the means and responsiblity to protect North America ’cause you guys are worth it. Mexico? … well, they are our neighbors and as much as they piss us off we do need to keep them safe, too. –GN

  2. Karen I. Says:

    With such another worthy attribute seen on this blog, I our Buford has others.

  3. Karen I. Says:

    Make that I SEE our Buford has others.(sort of choked up here)

    Yessssss, there are many sides to our BufordP, BufordX, flat BufordP, etc. All of them are, ahem, interseting! –GN

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