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April 18, 2007

History Channel Chickens Out on Gun Programming

by @ 11:28 pm. Filed under Gun Control

The History International Channel was supposed to broadcast an episode called “Guns of Beretta” in its Guns of The World series tonight. In a last minute switch, they replaced the show with “Secrets of the Aegean Apocalypse.”

My DirectTV “live” guide says that it will be shown again at 3am Thursday, but when I searched the History International site it came up with the message “We’re sorry, there is no upcoming episode”

History Channel dumps on Beretta

I’m going to assume this has something to do with VA Tech and the effort to foist European gun laws on us.

Or am I just being too cynical?

9 Responses to “History Channel Chickens Out on Gun Programming”

  1. m B Says:

    your an idiot. All you fucking americans need to fall out of love with your guns. Proud safe canuck

    Your idea of ‘safe’ may be to hide under a glacier in the Great White North, but I’d prefer the warmth of a .45 – GN

  2. jim b Says:

    It takes guts to grip that 1911 and stand up for something GN … my hat is off to you.

    As for mB … keep having your momma protect you eh.

  3. jim b Says:

    Oh almost forgot … it’s that kinda weekend .. I get to take Pambo shooting. She is a lil thing bout 5’3″ so we will take it easy with her. She will be working out with a 357 magnum Tarus with a three inch barrel. My choice of carry is a .44 special.

    It will be a good weekend wish you were there GN.

  4. Karen I. Says:

    mB, it sounds like you hate Americans and think they are all the same. If you cannot defend yourself and your family, you are not safe in Canuckland.
    GN if there are too many errors in that guide, I would request a refund for that issue. I do not pay for it myself. That’s just me.
    Jim B and Pambo should have a great weekend for their target practice. Have fun!

    It wasn’t the printed guide, but the real-time-on-the-tube guide that still had the Beretta show listed. Can’t get a refund for that 🙁

    I think we should also advise jim b that being a lil bitty 5’3″ gal doesn’t mean we can’t wield a .44 Magnum and shoot with accuracy. It can, however, throw us a little off balance momentarily. 😉 – GN

  5. Trevor Says:

    I don’t think you are being too cynical. There are more than enough irrational cowards out there like your first commenter, who see the gun as an instrument of evil, rather than an amoral tool to be harnessed by brave humans for good.

  6. jim b Says:

    You gotta love a woooman who can handle a .44 mag.

    Both Pambo and Ner have worked out with an M1 at the tick farm, but not the .44 yet. I plan to take Ner shooting in the next few weeks and maybe we can try that. Might make for some good photo’s and facial expressions. The M1 did.

  7. Nightcrawler Says:

    How about Mr. Canadian falls out of love with his family, his dog or whatever it is he is in love with? How can we fall out of love with such magnificent creations? I got to see the Guns of Beretta before the VT shootings and it was a good program. Shame on HI for chickening out. It wasn’t the existence of those guns that cost so many their lives, it was the lack of a few more.

  8. Taco Bell Says:

    I have my CC down here in Texas and never leave the house without my Glock .45 or .40 in the small of my back. Better to have and not need it, then to need it and not have it to protect yourself from some drunken Cunuck at a hockey game!!! ha!
    Semper Fi,

  9. Tom the Redhunter Says:

    Sounds like the Discovery Channel caved in to political correctness.

    Their reaction to the VA Tech shootings is exactly the wrong one, because they blame the wrong thing for what happened. The guns were not to blame, Cho was.

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