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April 3, 2007

Glesne Finally Toots His Own Horn!

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Mark’s latest post, From Training to Business, tells of his accomplishments in the Marine Corps’ “Ultimate Tough Guy” Training.

Today I graduated from the Marine Corps Green Belt Martial Arts Instructor course. As I eluded to in an earlier post, this was one of the most demanding training stints I have encountered in the Corps – if not the most demanding.

God has graced me with the abilities to not only survive such training – but also with the physical, mental, and character discipline necessary to excel in such a training environment.

Today I graduated at the top of my class – Honor Graduate.

Aside from Honor Graduate, our Instructor Trainer has recommended me for the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for not only my academic accomplishment, but also my leadership and professional qualities as a Marine and Martial Arts Instructor.

But enough self promotion…

Yes, Mark is now qualified to tell older, whiny Marines to “Suck it up…Sir!” and pushish them mercilessly for days! Not that I’m sayin’ Taco’s a whiner, but a few of his buds dropped out pretty quickly.


I know it’s not in Mark’s nature to be boastfull, but I’m glad he decided to share his recent honors with his fans.


6 Responses to “Glesne Finally Toots His Own Horn!”

  1. jim b Says:

    Congratulations Marine. It is earned never given.

    If the liberals in education were capable of learning they would learn that “self esteem” is the same. Make people competent, and there are no “self esteem” issues.

    Of course I have worked in education long enough to assure everyone that…… if the people who ran education ran the economy.. we would be Ethiopia

  2. Leta Says:

    MOST EXCELLENT MARK! More than well deserved I’m sure. And, GunnNutt, thanks for sharing!

  3. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Brains, muscle, and looks! So proud of him! What an amazing man.

  4. Sammy Says:

    Well I tried to post congrats at his blog and it didn’t work, so will have to blow him congratulatory kisses from here. That’s OUTSTANDING, Marine !!!!!!!! Double OOOORRAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Karen I. Says:

    Great job, Mark.

  6. The Conservative Manifesto Says:

    Wow! I just came across this post. Thank you so much, GunnNutt.

    I’ve always said, those of us in uniform are only able to do what we do because of the support we receive from family and friends.

    From the bottom of this Devil Dog’s heart, thank you to everyone here.

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