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March 28, 2007

Sen. Webb (D-VA) Is a Big Whiner

by @ 2:35 pm. Filed under Gun Control, Politics

Check out this video posted on (I know, not THAT rag!) showing Webb whining about not having his own Secret Service detail like the President. If you don’t want to waste time watching the whole thing (he starts snivelling about 2 minutes in) here’s the transcript:

If you look at people in the Executive branch, uh, if you look at the number of people defending the President, uh.. and other members of the Executive branch, there is not that, uh, kind of protection available to people in the Legislative branch. We are, uh, required to defend ourselves and, uh I choose to do so…

Sooooo, are we to assume that poor widdle Webb, the big-brave-EX-Marine needs a tax payer paid posse to protect him? And that we should pay to provide Secret Service details to all 535 members of Congress? Or, is he really saying that the Secret Service should NOT be protecting Bush?

Just who is it that would want to off this Lion of Liberalism? Islamofacists? Certainly not! Right-wing nutjobs? We don’t play that game, homey!

Who would be the bigger target for an assasin, anyway? Bush v. Webb: there is no apparent upside to whacking the Senator. He’s not that important.

Maybe that’s the real reason he’s whining.

2 Responses to “Sen. Webb (D-VA) Is a Big Whiner”

  1. jim b Says:

    Webb like Murtha has become a real embarassment.

    I know this moron has a conceal carry permit. It should be easy to find out who bought the weapon in question, since the aid says it was Webb who gave it to him, and Webb who says … “did not”.

    Someone is lying .. who is it?

  2. yankeemom Says:

    Well, they all think they’re the CIC…guess they feel they should be protected as such. phhttt!

    Whine on, you crazy politician.

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