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March 28, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

by @ 3:29 pm. Filed under Milblogging, Troop Support, True Heroes

The following is from an MP in Iraq. Minor spelling and syntax changes were made to the original.

Oh, funny story for you and for you to share…the other day (we work nights so we were just waking up) we heard this BOOM….which well here is not unusual. It sounded close but we knew everyone here was in the wire. We found out later that 2 insurgents blew themselves up….get this…you ready… PRACTICING with their Suicide Vehicle Borne IED (SVBIED) !!!!!!!!! Is that not FUCKING funny!!!!! That happened across the street. That’s the 3rd guy since we have been here that blew himself UP.

ANYWAY thank you so much for all the support, it sux here..and we (soldiers) could bitch all day long, but we wouldn’t have it any other WAY. FIGHT them here not home!!!

OHH one last thing…please tell everyone the Iraqi people are not bad, evil, or whatever. They just want to live. Insurgents thrive because the Iraqi people as a whole abide by the rules. They don’t have weapons, and when the insurgents come into the village, villagers will tell us but because of bureaucracy nothing happens. Well the insurgents find out and kill them. The rest of the villagers are scared and we get hit!!! WE COULD EASILY WIN THIS IF THEY LET THE ENLISTED TAKE OVER……I AM NOT SORRY FOR SAYING THIS ….OFFICERS…..DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!



I just love a good self-inflicted splodytard story. And a 2-fer to boot!

I can’t really comment on X’s beef with his command. He has never said anything beyond “they don’t know what they’re doing!” which I’m sure is a very common sentiment anywhere you look. It does show that he believes in his mission, he believes in the Iraqi people’s desire and ability to live in peace, and he believes in the capabilities of his buddies.

I believe in YOU, my friend! HOOAH!

Troops and kids - love it!
Gratuitous pic of Iraqi kids being “abused” by our military.

Speaking of pictures, check out the new button under “Intel” in the right-sidebar that looks like this:

MNF-Iraq Photo Gallery

It links to the Photo Gallery of the Multi-National Forces – Iraq web site (you know, the one Trevor built?). There are soooooo many cool images in these collections and hardly anyone has seen them. Check out the appallingly low “views” then see if we can bump those numbers by getting more people to check the pics out.

8 Responses to “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. linda Says:

    I LOVE looking at the pictures! May take awhile to see all of them!

  2. Karen I. Says:

    I favorited that link too. The pictures on the post are winners too. I would’ve thought a special photographer took them, but at least she picked them out.

  3. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Thanks for sharing the email. Priceless! What heart these guys have. Good pics!

  4. Leta Says:

    GN-I add my thanks to you for sharing the photos and to the person who sent it to you for their service and sense of humor! LOVE IT!

    Can’t go a day without checking out the MNF-I link! Glad others are now looking. I keep hoping to see, well, “you know who” in ones of those photos but I guess he spends all of the time with that darn bear! 🙂

  5. yankeemom Says:

    I go to the site often. I’ll put it up at my place too.

    I so liked the 2-fer story!! “Practicing”!! May they “practice” so successfully in such a way more and more.

  6. Layla Says:

    Hi there! I am glad you came by my site. I just bookmarked you. Thanks again!

  7. Pamela Reece Says:

    These pictures are the best of the best! Too bad the MSM isn’t interested in showing much of them. Could it be they are just not “shocking” or “controversial” enough? Probably so. It’s too hard for them to see and share success!

    Honor is yours! Semper Fi!!!

  8. Trevor Says:

    I’m glad you are publicizing the MNF-I web site’s photo gallery. It contains some of the best photos of things happening in Iraq, mostly the good things.

    Thank you!

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