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March 22, 2007

Animal Rights Activist Wants Baby to be Dead!

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How could anyone want to harm this adorable baby?!?!

Cutie Knutie Baby Bear

From the UK Daily Mail comes this horrifying story of moonbats run amok (again)

The bizzare tale of the polar bear cub and the German animal rights activists is one of those that you have to read and then read again to make sure you’ve got it right.

The bear, Knut, is small, three months old and utterly adorable. He lives in a zoo, abandoned by his mother. This means he has had to be hand-reared by humans – successfully, it seems, as Knut is thriving, and poised to become the Berlin zoo’s star attraction. His fluffy features have been photographed as part of an environmental campaign.

But – and this really is hard to believe – not everyone is happy. German animal rights campaigners are now saying Knut must be killed. Why? Because he has been ‘humanised’. Polar bears are wild predators, and by hand-rearing this cub a gross violation of Knut’s animal rights has taken place, they suggest.

“Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate,” the activists’ spokesman, Frank Albrecht, said. “The zoo must kill the bear.”

Zookeeper Andre Schule told the psycho to buzz off — the baby is not going to die! “There will be no executioner coming for him, I guarantee you,” said Schule.


Watch this really CUTE video and ask yourself how anyone could possibly want this little guy offed.

9 Responses to “Animal Rights Activist Wants Baby to be Dead!”

  1. linda Says:

    Hey GN! I did a post on Knut, also–hard to believe anyone could say he should be killed after surviving against odds! The video of him playing and falling asleep on his back was extremely adorable!

  2. Melinda Says:

    What a bunch of nut jobs! How idiotic to say an animal who will always be in captivity should die rather than have human intervention to help him learn what he needs to know.

    In an ideal world, all animals would be free and all that, but the world is far from ideal.

    He’s just too cute to even think about wanting him killed.

  3. Karen I. Says:

    I may have grown up with the 3 bears hanging in the garage waiting to be butchered and eaten but Knut is my little best friend. I will not eat him.(the video didn’t come thru but I went by that cute little picture.)

  4. Mary*Ann Says:

    These people promote “animal rights” like the moonbats promote “peace”. They’re all nuts.

  5. Pamela Reece Says:

    I can barely stand it. What a bunch of fucks..xcuse my laguage, but I can’t see beyond my tears.

  6. Clayton! Says:

    Hey GN,

    I work at an aquarium and we have a decent animal rehab program where we treat and release. Occasionally some fruitcake will declare that the animals are “better off dead” than to be on exhibit, not even reading about our care program. There’s weirdos in every breed…that’s the only reason there’s so much press about it.

    The “weirdos” have such virulent contempt for humanity that they would delight in killing anything that we hold dear. Great work like that done at your aquarium just pisses them off! -GN

  7. jim b Says:

    Well I think these folks should not be required to live in a world with people like us in it where they are humiliated … made fun on and put on exhibition.

    Perhaps we should euthanize them out of love.

    I agree — it’s the humane thing to do! – GN 😉

  8. SK Says:

    I could totally support jimb’s idea….on the other hand, I wonder if Hubby would let me adopt a lil ole polar bear……

  9. Nikka In The North Says:

    This weirdo should not be forced to live in a world where little polar cuties are being saved. I also vote for this activist to be put down out of love as an act of humanity, this world is unBEARable for him.

    !!! Go Knut Go !!!!

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