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March 12, 2007

Thought for the Day from 1LT Stephanie

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This email is not exactly chipper. It isn’t meant to spark a debate, or cause a stir. It is meant to make you think; internally. Consider what surrounds you, and what your life is like at this moment in time. I ask you
now, while you read these “thoughts”, that you consider the idea that somewhere else, there is a different turn on life. I do believe that in a life of comfort, where the basics needs are met (and met very well, indeed) we tend to focus on things such as the size of our houses, the newness of our cars, and how perfect and white we can get our teeth. It is a bit deep, I agree.

There is no clean water, people are killing each other like the animal, and I can’t even go to the mosque to discuss this with God.

I thought this was an interesting take on the conditions in Baghdad right now. Keep in mind, that Muslims can pray wherever they want, and commune with God freely in their mind, just like Christians. But what his man is saying, is that things are so bad that he can’t even go to a place of peace, of holiness, to pray for his life, his family, his city or his country…. Just like in Christianity, Muslims are encouraged to worship in groups of two or more, for part of the relationship with God lies in the bonds among His people. Imagine, if you will, the internal aguish one would feel if he feared for his life just to go to church….

“…But I am a damn Iraqi, born in this damned country…

Yet another quote I find interesting, and have heard many times, from many people. Usually they are discussing topics like fleeing, finding asylum, immigrating… And their despair is in the idea that the world hates them, and they are not welcomed anywhere, because they are Iraqi.

Hong Kong

My patient kept saying “Hong Kong” while under moderate sedation while we cleaned his burns. “Why is he talking about Hong Kong?” I asked one of the translators. “He says he wants to be in Hong Kong, not Baghdad.” “Why Hong Kong?” “Because, he says, it is very far away from this hell.”


It is not a year in the past, although it makes a moment in time that is now in my memories. It is the time of death for one human. The doctor declares “Time of death, 1956,” as he pulls of his bloodied latex-free gloves to reference his watch. The rest of the team stands quite, and takes in the moment. The beauty of a truly genuine heart is that it knows not a difference in nationality, or the color of skin. It only sees what is truly important: life. Or in this case, death.

1LT Stephanie and colleagues

4 Responses to “Thought for the Day from 1LT Stephanie”

  1. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Last words from an Iraqi, to 1LT Stephanie, then to you, and now to me, and others. He matters. We care. I pray for the day it will not feel cursed to be from Iraq.

    God bless our troops.

  2. Leta Says:

    I got this email too and didn’t know WHAT to respond to her. Golly! Thanks for posting it GN. Just one more example of the REALITY of what our warriors work through each day. They are so much more than amazing.

  3. jim b Says:

    I never cease to be amazed by Angels of Mercy like Stephanie. It takes a special temperament like Mother Theresa (and Stephanie) to handle it.

    The cradle of civilization has been around forever, America only since 1776. Why is it we have what we have? Why is it that so many places in the world are Hell on earth?
    I have not a clue, but I think it has something to do with God. Today secular progressives try to tear down every mention of God in America. Why they do that I don’t know but I think it has to do with the Devil.

    Stephanie is an Angel. Her tender hands of mercy, sent from America, lovingly were among the last to give comfort to the wounded. Her job is to preserve life. Her passion is to help heal the sick. She provides an island of peace in a troubled land.

    May God keep Stephanie and her fellow soldiers in the palm of His hand. Keep them safe in mind and body. Grant them the ability to continue, without losing little pieces of themselves as those in their care die.


    Thank you, Jim. What a wonderfully tender comment from a tough guy! -GN

  4. Cheryl Friend Says:

    Thank you for sharing GN. The thoughts and the experiences of the common person in all of this far outweighs the political.

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