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January 18, 2007

22 Percent of Respondents Need Their Asses Kicked

by @ 3:36 pm. Filed under Politics, Vengeance!

From FOXNews comes a delightfully nauseating new poll in which 22% of all respondents said they would like to see the new Bush “surge” strategy fail. (See question #19 in the .pdf file at the link above.)


Do these idiots in the 22% think that we’re playing some kinda ball game? Do they not understand that REAL LIVES are on the line if we lose? Are they counting on using a ‘Mulligan’ when Hillary ‘Rotten’/Osama Obama take over the White House in 2 years? THERE ARE NO DAMN ‘DO OVERS’!!!!!

34% of Democrat respondents want the strategy to fail, but that’s not a surprising number for the Hate America First party. All of them need a good old fashioned ass whooping!

Can 'o Whoopass

Also check out question #30 in which an astounding 50% of Democrats thought that losing the war in Iraq will have no effect on future terrorist attacks in the U.S., and fully 11% of these socialist nutjobs thought the terrorists would be more likely to just leave us alone!

Dream On! You !@#$%^&* panty-waisted fruitcakes!

7 Responses to “22 Percent of Respondents Need Their Asses Kicked”

  1. The Conservative Manifesto Says:


  2. Karen I. Says:

    Why would they want their own country to fail? Sick!
    What do they think that failure would mean?Besides what was already delineated above!

  3. jim b Says:

    The key is, I believe, they don’t think this IS their country. I agree with them and suggest we deport them.

    Maybe they want to live in the Stan or Iraq.

  4. Rhymes With Right Says:

    Dems To Iran: Develop Nukes, Attack Israel, Terrorize World…

    How else can you interpret this “warning” – to George W. Bush, not the mad mullahs or the Holocaust-denying president (Mahmoud Ahmedinijad, not Jimmy Carter). “The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without firs…

  5. billf Says:

    I really don’t want to be around when they fail in 2.5 years and all they can say is “oops, not me”. It sounds like “Code Pink” has a broader influence over politics than we thought. “oops, my bad”.

  6. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Thanks for posting that poll. Had not seen it. I thought question #38 interesting. 47% surveyed said the media had a “Liberal” bias. Even a large amount of Dems were admitting it. So, what do these enlightened people do about it, that’s what I want to know? Why do they not go to other sources as well, especially if they are admitting what they are getting fed is one-sided? It’s like knowing the National Enquirer is rubbish, but they still buy it anyway. So, does it stand to reason, with the people in the 47% who do not make an attempt to educate themselves, we have a clear example of garbage-in, garbage-out? I don’t even know what to say about those who thought there was no biased. The National Enquirer told them so I guess.

    For those of you who did not see it… The Tanker Brothers site has a nice posting yesterday about our beloved Gunnutt! You are a wonder girl!! You make us all proud!! (Don’t delete my comment, even if your face is red!)

    No, I won’t delete it but sheesh! it was only a box of ceegars! -GN

  7. VietVet Says:

    Until you define success or failure, who can really answer such an efft up poll?

    When you, the deserter in the white house and the Faux cowards get together and figure out how to define “success” or “failure” in Iraq, more of us would play.

    ’til then, you bastards want war, well, you own that civil war.

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