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January 10, 2007

You’re Next, Fat Man

by @ 10:24 pm. Filed under Troop Support, Vengeance!

Sadr in sights

President GW said that too many restrictions have been put on our Troops in their persuit of the terrorists in Iraq. He said, in effect, that the gloves are going to come off and we’re not going to be denied entry to any place in Iraq. Like Sadr City! Say good night, you fat terrorist f**k.

I was disappointed in the low number of troops being added to Al Anbar (4000?!?!), but I’m looking forward to seeing more of this plan. I get the feeling we’re not going to be playing patty-cake any more.


jim b points out that anti-Iranian operations are already beginning:

…One Iranian news agency with a correspondent in Irbil says five US helicopters were used to land troops on the roof of the Iranian consulate.

It reports that a number of vehicles cordoned off the streets around the building, while US soldiers warned the occupants in three different languages that they should surrender or be killed.

In December, US troops detained a number of Iranians in Iraq, including two with diplomatic immunity who were later released.

Thursday’s raid came as US President George W Bush unveiled his new strategy in Iraq, which included increasing troop numbers and a commitment to stop Iranian support for “our enemies in Iraq”.

7 Responses to “You’re Next, Fat Man”

  1. Robert Says:

    I hope for the best with this new plan, However I’m concerned that is just more bluster with no mustard….

    I hope this so called cleric idiot is joined with Sadaam in Hell.

    Skeptical to say the least, I’m hoping for an Ass whooping of galactic proportions in Sadar city…

  2. The Conservative Manifesto Says:

    Oo-freaking-rah, indeed!

  3. jim b Says:

    Looks like things are already happening:

    “US forces storm Iranian consulate

    US forces have stormed an Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi town of Irbil and seized six members of staff.”

    More here:

  4. The Conservative Manifesto Says:

    Great catch, jim b. Thanks for the tip!

  5. SK Says:

    “Say good night, you fat terrorist f**k.”

    I told you before, you have a beautiful way with words. Excellent post!

  6. Sssteve Says:

    I sure hope he backs up his words!! And doesn’t pull a “read my lips” thing! Our guys and gals would go through those losers like crap through a goose as Gen. Patton said!!

  7. Karen I. Says:

    Some governments had to be supporting the insurgents.What happened to the idea of freezing their asses..I mean assets?!?

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