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January 3, 2007

Hey Ramsey! Better Luck Next Tyrant!

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From the Washington Times, Friday Dec. 29th Inside the Beltway by John McCaslin, comes this wonderful episode of patriotism and come-uppance from fearless FReeper Kristinn:

Only in Washington

Kristinn Taylor, president of the local Free Republic chapter, was walking through the concourse of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday afternoon when he spotted one of Saddam Hussein’s attorneys, Ramsey Clark, who was attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

“As we walked by each other in the uncrowded terminal, I made a slashing motion across my neck and said to him, ‘It’s too bad about Saddam,’ ” in reference to the deposed Iraqi tyrant’s failed judicial appeal to avert his death sentence.

At that point, he said, Mr. Clark “glanced back at me with a hangdog look and nodded his head in sad agreement.”

Mr. Clark last year explained in an op-ed essay in the Los Angeles Times why he was willing to defend Hussein. He acknowledged that a majority of the media were dismissive of him. “‘There goes Ramsey Clark again,’ they seemed to say. ‘Isn’t it a shame? He used to be attorney general of the United States and now look at what he’s doing.'”

He’s not deterred. “The United States, and the Bush administration in particular, engineered the demonization of Hussein, and it has a clear political interest in his conviction,” he wrote. “Obviously, a fair trial of Hussein will be difficult to ensure — and critically important to the future of democracy in Iraq. This trial will write history, affect the course of violence around the world and have an impact on hopes for reconciliation within Iraq.” Meanwhile, in Baghdad, the hangman is testing his noose.

What the article didn’t pick up was the other offering of condolence Kristinn proffered:

“I told him, ‘I hoped Saddam goes to hell–and you too for that matter.‘ As much as I wanted to tell him off full blast, the concourse was not the right place to do that.”

What fun!!! And Saddam was offed just Friday evening!!

GW and Kristinn

2 Responses to “Hey Ramsey! Better Luck Next Tyrant!”

  1. jim b Says:

    On why I am so grateful for blogs like this, and OneMarinesView, Samantha Speaks, Sandbox et al.

    I remember Vietnam. Started by Democrats, lost by Democrats, and the National Media.

    The same National Media who showcases all the Barking Moonbats who oppose goodness and reason yet today.

    This is from Ann Coulter’s piece today on Human Events;

    “Liberals spent the Vietnam War rooting for the enemy and clamoring for America’s defeat, a tradition they have brought back for the Iraq war.

    They insisted on calling the Soviet-backed Vietcong “the National Liberation Front of Vietnam,” just as they call Islamic fascists killing Americans in Iraq “insurgents.” Ho Chi Minh was hailed as a “Jeffersonian Democrat,” just as Michael Moore compares the Islamic fascists in Iraq to the Minute Men.

    During the Vietnam War, New York Times scion Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger told his father that if an American soldier ran into a North Vietnamese soldier, he would prefer for the American to get shot. “It’s the other guy’s country,” he explained.

    Now, as publisher of the Times, Pinch does all he can to help the enemy currently shooting at American soldiers.”

    Sound familiar? Same tired old tactics and constant pounding of “we are bad they are good lies”. Satan is the father of all lies. These people are practitioners. They invent words like truthiness, and emotional truth, to conceal the fact they lie.

    The majority of Americans believe in what is right. They believe in what they believe to be the truth. When the Big Media owns all the “talk”. It is difficult to sort out the truth. During Vietnam lots of Americans were made to feel that they were a minority, all the national coverage etc was showing how the Peace Movement was the only right way. It hollered America is a brute and a villain.

    But today there is this blog. There are other blogs that actively search out the truth and spread it. Today most Americans are not alone in their beliefs because of the internet and this blog.

    Many times, the “church ladies” talk about how they are not heroes, that the military are the real heroes. Well, not to take one little thing away from the military, ladies and gentlemen …. You are so much more important than you will ever know.

    Thank you all, and God Bless.

    You should put this in a post, Pa! Your writing is inspiration to keep blogging. Thank you, sir!!!! – GN

  2. TCM Says:

    Haha! What a story. Also, I love the post title; very clever!

    Truth be told, that’s what I yelled at the Pinkos last Friday at Walter Reed. They’re such maroons! – GN

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