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November 13, 2006

Coolest T-Shirt Ever!

by @ 10:42 am. Filed under Milblogging, Troop Support

UPDATE: March 17th, 2009 Crye Precision reopens webstore! Get your shirts now!

UPDATE: August 8, 2007 SOLD OUT!

What warrior would NOT like a “Major League Infidel”-front shirt …

Major League Infidel

…with a Major League Pain on the back? Maj P has come up with the best of both worlds!


It makes a great stocking-stuffer for the discerning Warriors in your life and it will help keep going, too!

For only $20 you can have a very limited edition of this terrific T. To pre-order yours, send me an email with the number of shirts you want and the sizes (small to XXL) to GunnNutt -at-

Help us generate some much needed funds for and make some deserving warriors very happy with a really cool T-Shirt.

NOTE: Sizes will be from Small to 2XL. We don’t yet have the T-shirts in hand. We’ll send them out as soon as they arrive.

I will repsond to all emails with the address and/or method of payments. My email was not being forwarded properly until today (11/14) so expect a response sometime this evening.

In the meantime, lets see if this PayPal thingy works:

Please, I would prefer NOT to take credit cards.

UPDATE (12/28): The shirts are here! A big round of thanks to Crye Precision for working with Maj. Pain and I on this “special” T-Shirt!!!! You can still buy the front-only version from Crye, but you can only get the “Warning” back from this site!

Anyone who pre-ordered but hasn’t paid – what are you waiting for? I’ll only hold them for sooooo long.

23 Responses to “Coolest T-Shirt Ever!”

  1. Karen I. Says:

    My propellor fund went to get doubled by GunnNutt. What’s a girl (read old bat) to do? (Hard times at the truckstop and Mickie D’s.)I know, put it on my Christmas list.

  2. GunnNutt Says:

    Look at it this way, you can’t wear a propellor. Well, maybe you can but the rest of us could never accessorize something like that 😉

  3. Karen I. Says:

    GunnNutt- Wear a propellar? Now thatis kinky.I have some serious thinking to do.

  4. billf Says:

    I think you girls need to get out more in public. I
    mean geeze Beanie and Cecil were the only ones that could do propellars properly. Yeah!!!

  5. Pamela Reece Says:

    Love it! Where can I get a bumper sticker!

  6. Sssteve Says:

    GN, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! See ya around!!

  7. Karen I Says:

    An early Christmas gift for me would be the golf story with the pictures a certain noted photographer took.

  8. Mark Glesne Says:

    I WANT ONE!! =)

  9. Mark Glesne Says:

    Wait, I take that back… I think I want TWO!! =)

  10. Vin Wang the Second Says:

    The shirts are cool but I can’t afford one as I am living with Karen I. right now (el cheapo). But I definitely agree with her that the golf story would be great. Better late than never. We defineatly want the golf story.

  11. Sssteve Says:

    Where in the world is Gunn Nutt?!

  12. Vin Wang the Second, Divinity Student Says:

    She’s working on the golf story, God bless her!

  13. Marc Pfeiffer Says:

    I have been trying to order 5 t shirt, I am currently serving in Iraq do you send to Iraq??

  14. Bernadette Says:

    I just got a shirt in the mail and it looks great. This is a stocking-stuffer for my husband and he is going to love it. Thank you!

  15. Kirk Peavy Says:

    Hey do you all have any more of the “infidel” t-shirts? If so how many in XL do you have?

  16. WYale Says:

    Just stumbled across this website, looking for MLI T-shirts. If you still have any left, let me know. Looking for M or L whichever are leftover.

  17. Orton Says:

    was wondering if you still have the shirt with the “warning” on the back? M preferrably, but L will work. i don’t have paypal, but could get it if it is necessary…. thanks!!!

  18. Daniel Bowers Says:

    I would love to get my hands on a couple of those t-shirts. Do you have any left for sale.


    Daniel Bowers

  19. Shayne b Says:

    hi, im looking to get my hands on one of these in large, any chance of getting one with the warning on the back and also a postage quote to Australia? thanks.

  20. Chris Stanlake Says:

    Do you still have any shirts available? If so, are you able to send to the UK?

  21. Ron Roberts Says:

    I would really like to get a couple of these shirts if they are still available.

    The shirts are long gone — See for shirts and stickers ‘n stuff –GN

  22. Shawn Brasseaux Says:

    I would love to order one of your shirts with the warning on the back, I’ve also seen Major League Infidel stickers, do you have those as well? Please contact me ASAP!!!


  23. Glen Says:

    how do i get my hands on a 2xl?? i am an active duty marine that was blown up in afghanistan and am up at bethesda??? please let me know!!!

    Sorry but there aren’t anymore.

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