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November 4, 2006

The Picture Seen Round the World

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Everyone has seen this, except for a few wounded warriors who have other things to worry about.

Beautiful and Smart wounded warriors

These two vets (Neil and Jody) had NOT heard the slanderous remarks by F’ing Kerry. Once they were filled in on the details they had some choice and unprintable things to say about the idiot Senator. They were more than happy to pose with their brothers and sisters in arms by holding the huge banner made by FReeper StayTrue.

Mr. Trooprally and CJ
Freeper Tropprally and CJ

CJ and family stopped by after handing out a zillion Girl Scout cookies in the hospital, Malogne House and Fisher Houses. What a great bunch of folks!

Well wishes at Malogne House
Our sign left at Malogne House

Just so there would be no doubt as to how the rest of the world felt, FReeper Cindy-True-Supporter made a special sign that we all added our thoughts and signatures to.

SA Project Valour-IT – Waiting for the Ball?

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The Marine team is in 3rd place. Behind the Army and Air Farce. What are we waiting for? Nov. 10th of course! That’s when all the Marines and supporters will make their *big* donations. Great big USMC Birthday donations! Right? At least that’s what I’m hoping is the reason for this 3rd place position. The competition is over on the 11th fer gosh sakes!

Holly Aho has provided all the team members with the PayPal code (with special thanks to Rachel from Pay heed to the geek for making it so purty!) so I’ve got a one-click way for y’all to send a few bucks to the Valour-IT project. Just look at the sidebar for the pretty box with the thermometer in it and click the “Make a Donation” button.

All the money collected goes into one pot for the purchase and distribution of voice-activated laptops for wounded warriors, but we’re having a little friendly competition to see which team is the best at gettin’ those funds. The “friendly” part’s not gonna last too long if we don’t pick up the pace!

Check out the Marine Team’s fearless leader Cassandra’s site Villainous Company where she’s got a few motivational posters that should boost yer donating spirit. And don’t tell her you left your spirit at last year’s Ball!

Semper Fi!

Update: Looks like my little pep talk did some good! As of 20:30 EST the MARINE TEAM has taken the lead!!! Keep it up!

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