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November 13, 2006

Coolest T-Shirt Ever!

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UPDATE: March 17th, 2009 Crye Precision reopens webstore! Get your shirts now!

UPDATE: August 8, 2007 SOLD OUT!

What warrior would NOT like a “Major League Infidel”-front shirt …

Major League Infidel

…with a Major League Pain on the back? Maj P has come up with the best of both worlds!


It makes a great stocking-stuffer for the discerning Warriors in your life and it will help keep going, too!

For only $20 you can have a very limited edition of this terrific T. To pre-order yours, send me an email with the number of shirts you want and the sizes (small to XXL) to GunnNutt -at-

Help us generate some much needed funds for and make some deserving warriors very happy with a really cool T-Shirt.

NOTE: Sizes will be from Small to 2XL. We don’t yet have the T-shirts in hand. We’ll send them out as soon as they arrive.

I will repsond to all emails with the address and/or method of payments. My email was not being forwarded properly until today (11/14) so expect a response sometime this evening.

In the meantime, lets see if this PayPal thingy works:

Please, I would prefer NOT to take credit cards.

UPDATE (12/28): The shirts are here! A big round of thanks to Crye Precision for working with Maj. Pain and I on this “special” T-Shirt!!!! You can still buy the front-only version from Crye, but you can only get the “Warning” back from this site!

Anyone who pre-ordered but hasn’t paid – what are you waiting for? I’ll only hold them for sooooo long.

November 11, 2006

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Maj Pain and crew
Major Pain and Crew, Iraq, Dec 2005.

There are hundreds of thousands of young veterans among us today, most whole and healthy and some of them a bit banged up. I imagine this new generation of Vets is a lot like their brothers and sisters back through the ages. They maintain a warrior spirit through the best and the worst of times and continue to make all of America proud and thankful for their service and sacrifices.

The wounded warriors are no exception to this. They may complain about being bored, missing home, or general things that all soldiers bitch about but they still have that will to keep going because the future holds too many experiences that they want to have.

Visiting with a young Marine Sgt and his sweetheart of a wife at Bethesda Naval Hospital, I couldn’t have been happier. The Marine’s legs had been shredded by shrapnel but didn’t require amputation. He’s been thru several surgeries and a big skin graft which must be really painful, but this man was as upbeat and excited about things as if it were Christmas! The couple had been watching the Animal Planet’s “Ugliest Dog” competition and when I left we were joking about him participating in the Marine’s “Ugliest Legs” contest!

At Malogne House a strapping-huge Soldier told of a job offer he had as an assistant coach at the University of Maryland!!! His wife was also offered a job in a bank in the area and the couple is seriously considering staying here. The person who made the offers specifically sought Veterans who had sacrificed themselves for this country. Ain’t life grand?

The best and the brightest is an understatement: These guys rock!

And way to go Valour-IT and Team Marine!

I would like to thank Markus from CA and Michael from CT for flanking me on the tote board. (I’m Lynn from MD). What a wonderful bunch of generous people!!!

November 10, 2006

Great Big USMC Birthday Donations, Indeed!

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Thank all of you Marine Team supporters for making such it such a Happy Birthday for Marines and for Valour-IT! We started with $30,000 and by noon had $35,000! That’s twice as much as I expected to raise in the whole day! WHOOPIE!!!

Matching donation

Since I don’t have to be near a computer at midnight tonight, I thought I’d go ahead and make my matching donation now, then spend the rest of the day with a whole bunch of patriots and wounded warriors at Bethesda Naval and WRAMC.




If you are in the D.C. area, please come down to the corners of Georgia Ave. and Elder Streets this evening and celebrate our wonderful troops on the eve of Veterans Day with the patriots of! This will be the 82nd consecutive Friday that FReepers and FRiends have gathered to show our support of the troops outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center and to counter the scummy CodePink assholes who try to discourage the wounded warriors.

See this for more info if you’re interesting in joining us!

OMG! Step away for a little bit and *pow* – look how much the Marines have now!

Happy 231st Birthday USMC!

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Gratuitous MD Fay example of Marine Combat art. It’s just my favorite!

Today’s the day! From 0:00 until 23:59 I’ll be watching the Valour-IT Marine Team total to see how much I’m going to shell out for this wonderful program.

Valour-IT Logo

There are many bloggers (lookee here) who are part of this effort, and many extremely talented writers among them. One of the best is Sgt. B who is also part of the Marine Team. This exerpt is from one of the many fine essays he’s written about Valour-IT, but it was on his old blog which is no more.

Take a look at your hands… Go ahead, take a look…

You can do some amazing things with this construct of four fingers and a thumb:

You can:

  1. Pick your nose.
  2. Scratch an itch.
  3. Communicate (on L.A. highways it can be done with one digit.)
  4. Scritch the cat, dog, ferret, ect. behind the ears…
  5. Pat your loved one on the derriere.
  6. Caress your loved one’s… (well, you get the picture…)
  7. Shoot a pistol.
  8. Throw your kid a baseball (your accuracy varies…)
  9. Write a letter.

Let’s write a letter, shall we?

First you have to clear off a place at the dining room table or your desk. Then you have to figure out where the kids hid all of the pens. Then you have to find a sheet of paper that hasn’t been scribbled on. Then you have to kick the cat off of the chair. Then you have to get up and find your address book. Then you have to kick the cat off of the chair (again.) Then you take pen in hand, shoo away the cat who has migrated from the floor to the tabletop and wants to help check your spelling.

And then you can actually start writing.

Takes – what?- about ten minutes…

Now let’s write a letter after being hit with an IED…

First you have to get your life saved by the Corpsman or Medic while you’re lying in the dust on some street in Bagdad. Then you have to get transported to the field medical facility, where they get you stablized for transport. Then you get to go to Germany, to the medical center in Ramstein, probably in a medically induced coma, or at least in the throes of some really powerful pain killers. Then you head to the United States.

Then you undergo the surgery to remove the chunks of shrapnel from your body, debrade the burns, and repair the damage to your vital organs. Then they begin to work on the remains of your limbs that have been shredded, just to clean them up. Then you get to undergo the surguries to prepare your limbs to receive prosthetic devices so that you can start doing things on your own, like go to the bathroom and zip up your fly. Then you get measured for the prosthetic. Then you learn to use the prosthetic, and finally you can try to tackle the task of developing the fine motor skills to actually write with the darned thing. (Sure, you could ask somebody else to write it, but how willing are you to divulge sesitive information to a third party?)

Figure it takes – what?- At least a few months..?


Can you imagine having to wait for weeks and weeks just to write a damned letter to your spouse, your kids, your significant other?

Let’s look at a third scenario:

48 hours after the surgeons have stablized you, and decided that they can keep you on a pain management regimen that allows you to stay awake, and long before they decide that you are strong enough to endure any other surgeries, you can dictate a letter to a computer, and send it via e-mail, beginning the progress of amassing the support network that will sustain you while you continue down the road to recovery. You fire off e-mails, blog to blogs, and reassure the world, and yourself, that life isn’t quite as bleak as you have first thought.


Let’s make it happen…

You heard the Sgt. Click on the PayPal button in the sidebar and Git ‘er done!

midnight 11/9

To celebrate the 231st anniversary of the Birth of the Corps, I will match all contributions made to the Marine Team on November 10th up to a total of


You give $5, I kick in $5. You give $500, I shell out $500. I’ll keep matching the contributions until y’all have contributed a total of $2,500 which will be matched by my $2,500.

That’s 5 big ones for the Project and will buy a bunch of voice-activated laptops for our heros!

midnight 11/10

November 8, 2006

I’ll Double Your Valour-IT Contribution!

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To celebrate the 231st anniversary of the Birth of the Corps, I will match all contributions made to the Marine Team on November 10th up to a total of


That’s right, I’m puttin’ my money where my big mouth is and committing to kicking in some major bling to make sure the Marines beat those other “support” services.

You give $5, I kick in $5. You give $500, I shell out $500. I’ll keep matching the contributions until y’all have contributed a total of $2,500 which will be matched by my $2,500.

That’s 5 big ones for the Project and will buy a bunch of voice-activated laptops for our heros!

We’re going to need all the contributions we can get since it appears that we’re going to have to fund this war all by ourselves from now on. With that witch Pelosi and her pals in possesion of the Nation’s purse strings and the Democrats getting nearer to realizing their wet dreams of creating another Vietnam “quagmire”, we’ve got to shoulder more of the burden of finishing the mission ourselves.

Wall 'o Fire

Did that light a fire under anyone’s butt? No? Then go read a Veterans’ Day story The Real American Hero over at Major Pain’s old site. Then come back and make a contribution either today or on Friday, November 10th when it will be doubled by me.

Since there are no dates associated with contributions listed in the “View All” page, I’ll have to see what the total is at midnight (EST) Thursday (the 9th), then see what the difference is at midnight on the 10th. I’ll double the difference, up to $2,500.

Vets - Young and Old

If you’re tapped out, that’s OK. You can still wish a Happy 231st Birthday to the USMC. Go to, check out the blogs written by Marines, visit their sites and leave a nice message.

November 7, 2006

Valour-IT: What Are You People Doing?

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Just what in the hell is this?

Why are the squids so far out in front? Why are they the ONLY ones who have anything up on the TTLB Auction? You can thank Mrs. Diva for bringing THIS little fiasco to my attention.

And just why in the world is the “Army Thong” in front of My Corps again! Let’s get the lead out, people!

Remember: Great Big 231st USMC Birthday Donations!!!!

Semper Fi!

November 4, 2006

The Picture Seen Round the World

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Everyone has seen this, except for a few wounded warriors who have other things to worry about.

Beautiful and Smart wounded warriors

These two vets (Neil and Jody) had NOT heard the slanderous remarks by F’ing Kerry. Once they were filled in on the details they had some choice and unprintable things to say about the idiot Senator. They were more than happy to pose with their brothers and sisters in arms by holding the huge banner made by FReeper StayTrue.

Mr. Trooprally and CJ
Freeper Tropprally and CJ

CJ and family stopped by after handing out a zillion Girl Scout cookies in the hospital, Malogne House and Fisher Houses. What a great bunch of folks!

Well wishes at Malogne House
Our sign left at Malogne House

Just so there would be no doubt as to how the rest of the world felt, FReeper Cindy-True-Supporter made a special sign that we all added our thoughts and signatures to.

SA Project Valour-IT – Waiting for the Ball?

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The Marine team is in 3rd place. Behind the Army and Air Farce. What are we waiting for? Nov. 10th of course! That’s when all the Marines and supporters will make their *big* donations. Great big USMC Birthday donations! Right? At least that’s what I’m hoping is the reason for this 3rd place position. The competition is over on the 11th fer gosh sakes!

Holly Aho has provided all the team members with the PayPal code (with special thanks to Rachel from Pay heed to the geek for making it so purty!) so I’ve got a one-click way for y’all to send a few bucks to the Valour-IT project. Just look at the sidebar for the pretty box with the thermometer in it and click the “Make a Donation” button.

All the money collected goes into one pot for the purchase and distribution of voice-activated laptops for wounded warriors, but we’re having a little friendly competition to see which team is the best at gettin’ those funds. The “friendly” part’s not gonna last too long if we don’t pick up the pace!

Check out the Marine Team’s fearless leader Cassandra’s site Villainous Company where she’s got a few motivational posters that should boost yer donating spirit. And don’t tell her you left your spirit at last year’s Ball!

Semper Fi!

Update: Looks like my little pep talk did some good! As of 20:30 EST the MARINE TEAM has taken the lead!!! Keep it up!

November 1, 2006

Trooops Kan Heer U Kary!

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How do the troops in Iraq feel about F’ing Kerry’s recent slander?

Stuck on Stoopid (Kerry, that is!)

H/T Mark Glesne in Halp Us Jon Carry! (Glesne is a SUPER SMART Marine who could undoubtedly turn the Senator into a sniveling pile of goo in minutes [I just wish I could figure out how to leave a comment on beta-Blogger sites… I never claimed to be smart]).

What others are saying:
A superlative rant by the master – Chuck says what we’re all thinking but much better than we could in Good ‘Ol Pussnuts.

Cpl M from Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition and No End But Victory chimes in with My Education Has Me Stuck in Iraq.

Also from Noble Duty, Patriot gives us the report from Hell in Breaking News – Kerry Apologizes and CJ has the “Stuck in Irak” T-Shirt for sale!

Blackfive has, like, a zillion posts. Start with John Forbes Kerry – Still an Asshat and work forward.

Diggs, from 4-Mile Creek has the perfect 2-word come back in My Response to Senator Kerry’s Response.

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