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October 25, 2006

Another Combat Artist Down Range

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Introducing Sgt. Kristopher Battles, USMC, of Sketchpad Warrior. A friend and colleague of WO-1 MD Fay of Fire and Ice, Kris has landed and is setting up shop in beautiful Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

After a short flight in a C-130, I arrived at an airbase (abbreviated “TQ”) on 20 October, stepping down the ramp onto Iraqi soil around 1830 hours local time. It was then a short helicopter ride to beautiful Camp Fallujah, Home of the Thousand Shades of Beige! I arrived around 2230, and Major Durr, another combat artist, met me and showed me the office– then let me crash in an empty rack at the barracks he was in.

Here is an example of his work.


Go on over to his place and check it out. Isn’t the name “Battles” pretty cool for a warrior?

I don’t get over to F&I as often as I should. I just now read an October 2nd post that really kicks ass.

Post-entry: Several weeks ago one of the good readers of Fire and Ice posted the comment “When will we stop praising the warriors, and praise the peacemakers?” in response to the post Wounded Warrior. It is quite evident here at Fire and Ice that I, and many of our readers, celebrate warriors….especially in light of the current unfolding historical struggle with Islamofascism. Today, Tuesday, via a wonderful blog called Dr. Sanity, I read a revealatory commentary by Victor Davis Hanson, and the good Doc’s accompanying thoughts. Both of these accomplished and lucid thinkers have articulated how the self-proclaimed peacemakers of today’s world, the unhinged left-leaning world of feel-good-wishful-thinkingocrats, have both created and nurtured not peace, but the conditions for war. What stands between us and the caliphate chaos of Islamic fanaticsm is not George Soros,, the DailyKos, the Democratic Party, Code Pink or any other slice of the left’s soft underbaked marshmallow pie, but hard young men and women willing, like the Marine corporal pictured here, to strap on a gun, 60 pounds of gear and under the most hostile conditions of heat, dust and death keep reaching for another can of Old Fashion All-American Whoopass. Hanson makes the keen counter-intuitive observation that at the end of the proverbial day it’ll be NASCAR guys keeping the legacy of the Age of Enlightenment alive. You’re either with these kids or against ’em…..which is it? Drivers, start your engines!

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