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October 22, 2006

Week #79 at Walter Reed

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Hey! Looky here! It’s actually a post about Friday nights at Walter Reed Army Medical Center! HOOAH!

OK, ok, so it’s no big deal. I just haven’t done a blog post in several months, I guess. Or at least since all the Big Dogs came out to play with us. Anyhoo, a lot of soldiers and a Marine came out to “the corners” this week and let us thank them in person for their service and sacrifices.

SPC James and SPC DJ

British soldier SPC James W. hams for the camera as SPC DJ V. looks on.

James, DJ, SPC Jaime C. and SPC Richie P. were going out to eat and stopped long enough for us to get pics and hugs. We warned them about the Pink scum down the block and sure enough, they couldn’t wait to go waaaaay down there and have a “dialog” with the creeps. The Pink Pansies didn’t want to have anything to do with them (as usual) because the “support” they show is the “Bring them Home and Make Them Shut Up” type (quote thanks to Donna, Los Osos).

Jordan and Fiance
Jordan posing with FReepers as his fiance takes a pic.

Jordan B. was an engineer in Ramadi whose job it was to defuse IEDs. In the 11th month of his tour he fell prey to one. Just like most of the Wounded Warriors we meet, he’s got an incredibly optimistic outlook and a joy to be living.

Other troops included Brad, Neil, Jim, Lety, Kari, Marrissa (double-amputee) and boyfriend, Todd and Martin. I got pics of most of them, but two are non-wounded active duty and came out to hang with us in civilian cloths and I’m NOT getting them in trouble!

A priest drove by about midway through the evening and blessed the crowd under the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners). How cool is that?!?


It was a terrific evening and not counting the troops we outnumbered the CodePink ‘tards 28 to 8. heh!
If you want to see all the non-crappy pics, go here.

15 Responses to “Week #79 at Walter Reed”

  1. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Well done, as always GN! Great pics.

  2. Leta Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! What a way to end one week and begin another. I’m Soooooooooooooooooo envious that you got to meet all those great Soldiers and Marines!!! Thanks for sharing with us! THANKS for being there EVERY Friday night! You guys ROCK!

  3. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Thank you for hugging them for all of us.
    I’ll bring “Get Well” cards from kids with me 🙂

  4. Mary*Ann Says:

    Even tho I keep up with the Friday nites at FR, I have missed your blog posts about them. That was how I got started with FR. Have you seen the totals over at Reid’s? Hugh Hewitt is amazing!

  5. Bridget Says:

    Thanks for being there! and for sharing the pics!

  6. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Missed your WR posts kiddo! Thanks for sharing the joy!

  7. Sssteve Says:

    Good stuff GN!! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Sammy D Says:

    Awwwwwwesome – Love the WR posts. We all “channel” Friday nights through you, GN.

  9. Mark Glesne Says:

    I so wish I could be there to speak with these pinko “supporters” of the troops.

    Great work!! Keep it up!!

  10. GunnNutt Says:

    Hey, maybe I should do these posts more often? I guess Karen I’s still waiting for that golf post…

    Mark, you’d be disappointed if you ever conversed with the Pinkos. Their stupidity and illogic make for very pedestrian and frustrating dialog. Nevertheless, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to join us if you’re ever in D.C.!!!

  11. jim b Says:

    Good job GN. Even called up some Brit reinforcements.

    Up the British!

  12. GunnNutt Says:

    jim – there’s an Aussie MP at Malogne, and figuring from the accent that James was also from the Land DownUnder, I made the major faus pax of addressing him as such. Luckily for me he was in a good mood and said “T’s allright. I don’t mind”. *whew!*

  13. Leta Says:

    You know – as I spent 14 hours today “flying” on a business trip that would have taken 10 to DRIVE I was thinking about this post. I’m SO envious (NOT JEALOUS- big difference) that you get to spend Friday nights with our guys/gals. I KNOW you’ve given up so many Friday nights to this and I don’t take all of you lightly in your support AT ALL but darn – where’s a corporate jet when we need one to get there from this far west?

  14. GunnNutt Says:

    Leta – You’d only need a “puddle jumper” from TN to here – just don’t forget to file a flight plan and keep your “ears” on. I wouldn’t want to see you forced to land by a couple fighter jets. Then again, you’d probably like that 😉

  15. Karen I Says:

    Am I getting censored for looking at Buford’s Butt too long or what? Now, I forget what the whole comment was.Probably something to the effect that I’ll wait for the Golfer story since I got to see Buford’s Ahem.Another good job at WR. I’ll never get sick of hearing all about Friday nights. Hope this comment makes it.

    Nah, you’d never be censored, but I will tell BurfordP that you were checking out his backside! -GN

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