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October 18, 2006

HOOAH! Army Sets Record Re-enlistment

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Re-enlistment ceremony

Who says the Army isn’t reaching it’s enlistment and retention goals? On October 14, 2006 at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, 307 Soldiers took part in the largest ever deployed reenlistment ceremony in Army history!

Headquartered at Fort Richardson, Alaska, the unit ceremony took place at Camp Buehring, where the Soldiers stopped for final preparations before entering Iraq.

“This ceremony says a lot about the personal courage and selfless service of these paratroopers,” said Command Sgt. Maj. David Turnbull, command sergeant major for the 4th BCT (Airborne), 25th Inf. “They understand they have a tough mission ahead of them and are still willing to commit themselves to continue in the Army.”

The large turnout underscores the service’s new campaign slogan, “Army Strong,” said the brigade’s commander, Col. Michael X. Garrett.

“Many are going to attribute this record-setting event to reenlistment incentives. But, on the eve of deploying north to Iraq, these paratroopers show that it is on a much more personal level,” Garrett said. “These paratroopers have seen something in someone, somewhere – whether it was a squad leader, platoon leader or commander – that led to this moment.”

Cpl. Brian Anderson, a recon scout with the unit’s 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, said he reenlisted for much the same reason as his comrades.

“I am reenlisting for the same reason as any other paratrooper here in this formation. I want to serve my country and I love the Army,” he said. [emphasis mine-GN]

Now, this has got to upset the naysayers who constantly complain about “quagmires” and “no exit strategy” and “we can’t win this war!” If things were as bad as they say, then why would the brave men and women who are getting blown up and shot at every day be going back for more? Why are even the Wounded Warriors anxious to RTD and get back to their units? I meet these incredible vets every week who are not only NOT complaining, but who actually KNOW they are making a real difference to the Iraqi people.

I’d much rather believe the folks who are doing the hard, dangerous, dirty work than a bunch of weekend-warriors, armchair generals, or political hacks. And to the 307 Warriors who reenlisted, I say


Thanks to Tony in Boulder for the tip!

(See Leta, I DO like the Army!)

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