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September 28, 2006

Dueling in Trollville

by @ 10:21 pm. Filed under teh Funny

My new pal George Markam has another personality with the name Ross Mayhew. As Ross, he’s been leaving comments on older posts that no one is going to read, so I thought I would do him a favor and put them on the front page.

These are three of the posts and his words of wisdom for each.

Burn in Hell, Zarqawi
“Bring em on. YOu guys are such an inspiration. In a few more years we will all be broke and you can roam around this country like road warriors. Vengeance…at least learn to spell.”

I don’t know, George/Ross. I’ve looked it up several times in various dictionaries and they all spell it the same: D-I-C-K-H-E-A-D.

Pinkos Get a Dose of Reality
“Step up boys Bush and Rummy need more of your money and will like you to stay perpetual soldiers. Draft Jenna and Barb. Step up too to fund the cost of medical bills all the wounded…mentally and psychologically…the boys who have so effectively lead you sheep down the rosy path sure won’t be around to cover collateral damage. But you know that anyway…right?”

Supporters don’t stop supporting the troops just because the Administration changes. Most people don’t see this kind of generosity as a partisan issue, Ross/George.

Friday Night Fights at WR
“Bush doesn’t know, or isn’t admitting, that this Iraq war is a collosal failure on all fronts. Hope the rest of the country wakes up in the following elections.”

No worries George/Ross. I think you’ll really like the next occupant of the Oval Office

fmragtops in 08!

8 Responses to “Dueling in Trollville”

  1. jim b Says:

    His stuff is so old too. But he isn’t that good he forgot all about these:

    The US Government brought down the twin towers.

    Plame will end the Bush presidency.

    JFK was shot by Repubicans

    The Republicans set up the dangling chad thing in Florida, so that the Dems would push for electronic ballots. Then the RNC will flip a switch and steal the next election.

    There was no Nazi plot to kill Jews.

    Capitolism is a plot to pollute the world.

    And that whole thing about Kennedy and the girl in the water was made up by Karl Rove.

    I know I left the rest out but electrons are limited.

  2. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Not nice GN, you made me spew my coffee with your spelling:) Most trolls like Georgie have several personalities, I think they even get sick of themselves and have to invent someone new. BTW, Is FM officially a write in now?

  3. GunnNutt Says:

    Halliburton weather machines destroyed New Orleans, the moon landing was done on a sound stage, space aliens really did land in Area 51, blah, blah, blah. I think you hit all the high points jim b.

    Mrs. D, I think he will be here in Maryland. Both the current Gov and the dummycrat challenger distrust the new-fangled electronic voting machines. Paper ballots with hanging chads – here we come!

  4. Donna, Los Osos, CA Says:

    Good catch Gunnutt!Get you (more)fired-up for tonight at WR? Like you need more fodder from that camp…ha!

    Give the troops our love!
    Semper gratus!

  5. fmragtops Says:

    Stop, Nutt, you’re making me blush!

    Since you’re talking about troll bashing, I hope you don’t mind me pimping my latest troll-evisceration on Shoot A Liberal. Get it while it lasts. SeanS said he won’t allow these kinds of trolls anymore.

    BTW, if you ever get tired of your troll, send him to my place. There seems to be a shortage of trolls these days.

  6. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Have fun tonight GN! And give the ‘tards some hell from those of us who can’t come play. While you’re at it, please hug some Soldiers for me and tell them Thank You from our own desert:) Thanks!

  7. SeanS Says:

    I’ll allow trolls just no more racist comments. Maybe I should just edit them to make them more fun for FM?

    I’m glad to see you smash your trolls so well, GunnNutt. Too many get away with the crap they spew.

  8. Wyatt Earp Says:

    I was gonna make a comment, but Geroge W. Bush hasn’t told me what I must say yet. Dang.

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