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September 21, 2006

Support the Troops Weekend!

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Tomorrow night at the regularly scheduled Walter Reed “Support the Troops by Stomping CodePink ‘Tards” celebrations, there will also be the second of three events in this year’s Support the Troops Weekend in D.C.

Support The Troops Logo


Support the Troops and Their Mission Weekend kicks off Friday morning, September 22 with a delegation of military families and supporters visiting congressional offices to urge Representatives and Senators to not cut and run from the war on terrorists. We will gather at the horseshoe entrance to the Rayburn House Office Building at 10 a.m. on South Capitol Street just below Independence Avenue.

Friday evening, we will gather at the main gate to Walter Reed Army Medical Center from 6:30 p.m. until the dinner buses return (between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.)

WRAMC is located at 7200 Georgia Avenue, NW. The cross street is Elder Street.

Saturday, September 23, we will hold the Support the Troops and Their Mission Rally from noon to 3 p.m. at the Sylvan Theater on the grounds of the Washington Monument. Please plan to arrive by 11:30 a.m. as the drive-by media always undercounts attendance by doing a crowd estimate just before the rally starts and then never changes that number as the crowd grows.

The next announcement is for an event that will take place in a little more than two weeks. On October 7th in Olney, MD there will be an event at Olney Golf Park to raise funds for golfing equipment for Wounded Warriors.

Salute to Vets

The organizer of this event is himself an injured OIF veteran who I met last Friday. Mark Kreisher is an incredibly enthusiastic guy who is intent on helping his fellow wounded brothers and sisters by getting them involved in an activity that has been an immense benefit to his own recovery.

I have been a patient at WRAMC for 9 months. One of the hardest things I have faced during my recovery (both physical and mental) was getting myself back out in public and trying to resume doing some of the things I did before my injuries. Thanks to some GREAT individuals, groups, and organizations I was offered the chance to learn and play the game of golf. Golf became a big part of my physical and mental therapy and I’m afraid without the opportunities afforded to me I would still be sitting in the lonely confines of my room feeling sorry for myself. I (along with dozen of my friends) have been provided golf equipment at no charge, free lessons from a PGA instructor, and unlimited range time at no charge! The instructors do not care if we have lost an eye, two legs or an arm, they help us develop our golf games dispite our “limitations”. They have donated their time to instruct us, and treat us as if we were paying customers.

I’m not going to pull any punches on this matter and I’m not the type of person that finds it easy to ask for help, but I DESPARATELY need HELP from each and every one of you, as well as your friends and coleagues! I have been asked to coordinate a fundraising event that is very near and dear to my heart! The Disabled American Veterans and Yellow Ribbon Fund, in conjunction with Olney Golf Park and local PGA instructors Jim Estes and Matt Kayson, have set up a fund dedicated to their goal to provide quality golf and recreational opportunities for military personnel injured while on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fund that has provided me and numerous other soldiers with these opportunities is running dangerously low, and it tears me up inside to think that it won’t be around to HELP my fellow SOLDIERS in the future, as it has helped me and my friends in the past year.

My HOPE is that through donation of items and cash, 100% of the money raised will go directly to helping soldiers. I NEED EVERYTHING!! DOOR PRIZES, SILENT AUCTION ITEMS, CONTEST PRIZES and CASH DONATIONS. If you can donate something, no matter how small, I can use it.

Mark is still recovering at Walter Reed and new folks are still coming in that will need the same kind of challenging activities to help get them get back to good physical and mental health. If you’d like to be part of this effort and make some heroes happy, here’s how you can help.

For Cash donations make checks payable to Disabled American Veterans.

Items and donations can be sent to:
Olney Golf Park
Attn. Mark Kreisher
3414 Emory Church Rd.
Olney MD 20832

You can also contact me, of course. I’ll be covering the event (I’m REALLY looking forward to it!) and I promise to post the usual crappy pics that people using IE can’t see anyway.

Well, I’m outta here! It’s the last Club race of the season and that means I’ll have no internet access until I get home Sunday night. Y’all be good and you have my permission to squash any trolls that show up here.

Super Troop Supporter Donna, Los Osos is up today! Good luck, lady!

Go Tankers!

Tomorrow I’ll also be starving with Leta (the Great!) but I won’t be able to tell about it. (And NO! Ms. Smartypants I won’t be racing while starving no matter how much you’re willing to pay!) 🙂

9 Responses to “Support the Troops Weekend!”

  1. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Drive carefully and cheerfully 🙂

  2. Donna, Los Osos Says:

    The dyno-duo…Leta and Gunnutt! My honor to pass the baton to you guys! Tankers have an A-Team line-up, that’s for sure!

    Semper gratus!

  3. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Sorry for off topic – Karen – I have a Navy Chaplain for you. From AS site 🙂

  4. Karen I. Says:

    Agnieszka, send it to me because when I checked one was an assistant whose 50 day time limit is up and one was a chaplains body-guard. I’m not sure how holy the body guard would be.Meanwhile there was a question at Taco’s about your mushrooms.
    GunnNutt, I hope you saw the ad.Also,why DON’T you put your name on the WAY COOL Blogroll.That would be very good for your self-esteem to be on there plus you deserve to be on there.

  5. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Karen – I would be happy to e-mail it to you. I don’t want to post my e-mail address here. I’ll ask GN to give me yours, or she can give you mine LOL
    I didn’t know chaplains have bodyguards 🙂
    I know about “mushroom question”. I was just joking. I would never get anybody in trouble! And my mushrooms are perfectly “safe”, but I’m afraid the guys wouldn’t know what to do with them lol
    I’ll mail the mustard instead.

  6. Mrs. Diva Says:

    I think the “church ladies” need to have each others address handy in case of an emergency of some type. What do y’all think? I’m pretty sure most of us already do, but there might be a couple missing.

  7. Mrs. Diva Says:

    PS…GN did you have fun??

  8. Fix 4 RSO » Blog Archive » PGA Instructors, Olney Golf Park, and Disabled Veterans Says:

    […] I want to share a very important message that The Gunn Nutt asked me to cross post. We all really need to help everyone that is adversely affected by the Global War on Terror. In this case, your help goes directly to the soldiers at Walter Reed. […]

  9. Karen I. Says:

    GunnNutt, come back, come back. Can you hear me now?

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