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September 17, 2006

Pinkos Get a Dose of Reality

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Mr. SMASH came to Washington on official gummint business but he did not leave his passion for pestering Pinkos in San Diego. Week after week he’s joined the FReepers at Walter Reed celebrating and thanking our wounded heroes. He’s also been winning “hearts and minds” among the commies waaaaay down the block by assuming a passive attitude and allowing them to spew whatever’s on their minds into his little recorder. SMASH has amassed quite a collection of audio moonbattery in which the ‘tards consistently claim to support the troops. Last week, we were witness to the most blatent display of Pinko hypocrisy to date — the commies turning their backs on wounded soldiers and telling them to leave the Pinko area!

This week the gloves came off. It was time for SMASH to confront the asshats and maybe, just maybe, convince some of them of the error of their ways.

To execute his plan, SMASH recruited the wily and witty Tantor to soften up the enemy.

Bruce v Tanto
Tantor, with his back to the camera, has a conversation with Pinko Bruce.

Next, he brought out the big gun: Major Pain!

B5, Maj P and Taco Mamma
The big Marine flanked by Taco’s Mom and Blackfive who was in town to publicize his great new book The Blog of War.

Upon arriving at the protest site the Major wasted no time. He waded in amongst the smelly commies and gave them a few pointers. I didn’t get any pics of this engagement even though I was right across the street, but tgslTakoma may have it on video. I saw what I thought was a new moonbat, but then noticed he was smoking a cigar. Pinkos hide when they smoke cigs and none of them would be caught dead with a big ole stoagie! Then I noticed that the commies weren’t acting exactly friendly towards the new guy and there were some raised voices (couldn’t hear the words over the traffic). Next thing I know he’s loping across the street and the mystery is solved.

Introductions are made all around, the Major hands out glow-sticks (so we’ll be visible crossing the street)(hey, that’s what he said!) and the plans for Operation SMASH Code Pink are laid out. With yours truely playing the part of Pinko Bruce (yech! what an odious assignment) we rehearsed the mission in the church parking lot. When all was ready we set out to take up our positions. tgslTakoma and I set up as observers/FReeper Media just outside the enemy’s perimeter as SMASH and Maj Pain took a longer route to approach the commies from the opposite side.

Commies try to ignore Maj Pain
The pink commies are afraid to even acknowledge Maj Pain’s presence behind their lines.

With the Major watching his back, SMASH launched in to his prepared speech. In a loud, clear voice unmistakable above the traffic din he told the Pinkos how their brand of “support” was hurting the brave men and women in the hospital on the other side of the fence. The audio of the lecture can be heard here. The following is from a soon-to-be post from SMASH:

SOMETIMES you see a man with a short haircut, athletic build and a military bearing, and you think to yourself, “I bet that man is a Marine.”

With Major Pain, there is no question. You know he is a Marine. Which makes him an ideal wingman for me when it’s time to confront Code Pink and friends about their rude and disrespectful treatment of our soldiers outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

There are about a dozen or so protesters there on Friday night. On any given evening, one or two of them might have enough spunk to face off against a “lone warrior” confronting them on the sidewalk. But very few will take on two of us. And nobody wants to get in Major Pain’s face.

We approach, quietly, from the rear. Major Pain takes up a blocking position, and I start talking.

“Good evening.”

Several of them turn around. One man starts to approach me. Then he sees Pain, and has second thoughts.

“You know, for the past few weeks, I’ve come down here, and listened politely and respectfully to any of you who would talk to me.”

“Tonight, you’re going to listen to me.”

SMASH lectures commies
SMASH delivering his stinging lecture to the Pinkos.

The pair observed a few of the lefties debate whether or not they should turn around and talk to the men, but the only ones with enough nerve to give it a brief try were “Weasel” and Kevin McCarron (of “Enlist here and die for Halliburton” fame).

McKarron and Weasel acting brave
McCarron and “Weasel” don’t see real men very often.

With a purposely derisive “Goodnight, ladies”, SMASH ends his speech and the engagement comes to an end. Next week we’ll see how many casualties the Pinkos took.

UPDATE (9/18): tgslTakoma has put SMASH’s audio together with her fantastic video and you can see the whole thing here.

16 Responses to “Pinkos Get a Dose of Reality”

  1. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Somehow I knew everybody’s favorite Pain would leave his mark:) Not quite sure how I knew that! GN, you guys that are there week after week, deserve massive kudos for what you do. I KNOW you all love the guys but the comittment from all of you is amazing and inspiring…not to mention, contagious. So, for all the times you haven’t heard it, THANK YOU.

  2. Mary*Ann Says:

    I’ll second Mrs. Diva…Thanks for all of us that can’t be there.

  3. yankeemom Says:

    I third Mrs. Diva and Mary*Ann! My gratitude knows no bounds for all of the committed real supporters of our troops who make sure the wounded soldiers see that they are supported and appreciated!!

    Well done!!

  4. Bridget Says:

    Thank you all for your dedication to the troops!
    Great report.
    Hope to be able to join you in a few…final interview coming up next month!

  5. Karen I. Says:

    Thanks from me too.

  6. GunnNutt Says:

    All right, cut it out! The thanks should all go to the warriors who do the real work and make the real sacrifices.

    Truth be told, I get a lot more back from the brave young heroes than I could ever give to them. Just spending time with them fills me with a pride and joy that can only come with love.

  7. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Well, pfffttttthhhh. Seriously, if I can help out with some funds for refreshments on Friday night, let me know and I’ll send what I can. It would be an honor to help.

  8. Donna, Los Osos Says:

    Go ahead and blush…but you are really wonderful! Thanks for all you do for the troops!

  9. tgslTakoma Says:

    Hey, GunnNutt! I put SMASH’s audio together with my video of the event… the lips don’t always match perfectly with the audio, but it’s close where it really counts.

    Take a look…

  10. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Awesome video!

  11. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Wow, it’s even better when you hear it 🙂
    Unfortunately, I ‘m not sure they have any “human decency” left in them…
    Thank you tgslTakoma.

  12. jim b Says:

    Looks like a solid night in DC. Kick Butt guys.

  13. Maj Pain Says:

    Way too much fun and it didnt cost a dime (or court fees) I tell ya, it recharged me when I would see you guys out there on the corner on the internet when I was in Iraq. Keep it up you are making a huge difference!!!!

  14. Agnieszka O. Says:

    Dear friends – it looks like the infamous troll WW is back! He started to bother Diggs again 🙂
    Diggs needs more positive postings. I refuse to feed the troll…

  15. Ross Mayhew Says:

    Step up boys Bush and Rummy need more of your money and will like you to stay perpetual soldiers. Draft Jenna and Barb. Step up too to fund the cost of medical bills all the wounded…mentally and psychologically…the boys who have so effectively lead you sheep down the rosy path sure won’t be around to cover collateral damage. But you know that anyway…right?

  16. Yankeemom Says:

    […] Citizen Smash takes on and pummels Code Pink   Hooah!(many thanks to tgslTakoma for putting together the video)ISF IN The Lead Oct. ‘06    (A nice visual) […]

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