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September 8, 2006

Could it happen?

by @ 2:03 pm. Filed under Vengeance!

It occured to me that the nutbag Islamofacists –who are capable of doing some really crazy shit– might be using the visits of former and current Iranian presidents Katami and Ahmadushybag to commemorate 9/11 with something just as nasty. It’s not normal, if in fact it ever happens, that the leaders-in-hate actually martyr themselves for the cause. But what if they did?

We know that they know how to manipulate the MSM to do their bidding, carry their water, drink the coolaid, and swallow any lie presented to them. They could easily be used to whip up worldwide rioting and killing if one of these Iranian asshats should assume room temperature while on U.S. soil.

Not that I would mourn the loss of either one of them or that I’m advocating that they be sent to Allah while they’re so close at hand…

I just worry that we’re being set up. Big time.

4 Responses to “Could it happen?”

  1. jim b Says:

    I understand your concerns GN. They are always tryin to set us up. We must keep our eyes on the prize. I stole this from OPFOR:

    “To defeat “Militant Islam,” Mr. Netanyahu said, one “must deprive it of victory.” Every time you retreat, every time terrorists gain victory, that’s when they recruit. “Power attracts, weakness repeals,” he said. “Victory attracts, defeat repulses.””

    You gotta love Netanyahu. Why he isn’t in charge in Israel is typical of the self imposed guilt and hand wringing that many suffer because the MSN’s keep banging the “it’s our fault” drum.

    The only real victories that the Islamofacists are capable of winning are in tabloids and moonbat news. Perhaps they set us up. Perhaps there is rioting in the streets. Then they run out of gas again. Time is not on their side, they are taking hard loses. Soon Iran will face the consequences. It truely will be a long war. But time is not on their side.

  2. Mrs. Diva Says:

    Another concern I read about are that he entered our country under a “special visa” issued by the UN, not the USA. According to UN agreement, we couldn’t keep him out if we wanted to, because of the powers we’ve already given the UN. I say we burn down the UN building and let it relocate to France!!!

  3. Mary*Ann Says:

    Ok, maybe I’m not as paranoid as I thought. It’s always said that these “leaders” send young men (and now women) off to their 72 whatevers but never enter the fight themselves. Do we assume President Tom (Watching too much GlennBeck) will go through security? Like bomb sniffing dogs and all?

  4. Karen I. Says:

    GunnNutt has a point, but Jim B. is a comfort. Night,night!

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