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September 1, 2006

Hey Pinkos! How dare you call US Torturers!

by @ 2:06 pm. Filed under Troop Support, Vengeance!

This is sick. If anyone doubts WHY we must destroy these beasts, read on…

Coalition condemns torture and mutilation of Afghan soldiers

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Two soldiers from the 203nd Corps, Afghan National Army, were kidnapped by Taliban extremists and then brutally tortured to death with their bodies mutilated.

The U.S.-led Coalition strongly condemns the act as a heinous crime.

An officer and sergeant were apparently kidnapped in the Qara Bagh District of Ghazni Province on Aug. 28. Using the officer’s cell phone, the assailants contacted a member of the 203nd Corps command and then tortured the two men until they were dead while their fellow comrade listened.

“This was not an act of armed conflict, but an inexcusable crime by amoral men against fellow Afghans,” Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, Combined Joint Task Force-76 spokesman said. “These Taliban extremists claim to be fighters in a war of their creation, but warriors, men of honor, do not torture, maim and desecrate their enemies. These are the acts of men without conscience — men without souls. They are indignant criminals who take inhuman pleasure in the destruction of human life.”

The soldiers’ bodies were discovered the next day in the Crirgia Ghala Valley and were recovered by fellow ANA soldiers. Their bodies will be returned to their families for internment.

Last Fall, there was an enormous furor over the burning of dead Taliban combatants which resulted in a 5-part investigation by the Pentagon and “sensitivity training” to make sure that we kill and dispose of the enemy in a culturally sensitive way. (see the .pdf here).

That uproar was all about burning bodies that were already dead! For sanitation reasons! Sure, some overeager psyops guys decided the incident provided a serendipitous opportunity to quickly kill more combatants before they scurried back into their hilly caves. Bait the other asshats out of hiding so they, too, could discover the joys of meeting Allah. What’s not to like?



Stoopid hippies! They’re holding signs that demand contradictory actions. On the left are signs calling for “cut-and-run” while on the right is a sign calling for “No Redeployment”.

Hmmmmm, “bring them home” but “don’t allow them to leave the war zone”. Stoopid. “Bring them home so we can beat them up” is more like it.

Speaking of stoopid, y’all should check out Mark Glesne’s “moonbat mascot” here and here. The mascot is stoopid!!! NOT Mark (super-smart Marine!)

7 Responses to “Hey Pinkos! How dare you call US Torturers!”

  1. Mrs. Diva Says:

    This has to be the same idiot that CJ saw. To quote him, “wha….?” They certainly make a statement. *snort*

  2. Karen I. Says:

    There is a special place in H___ for those Taliban extremists. Why are these imaginative signs covering their faces? So they know enough to hide their faces, what are they doing there?

  3. jimmyb Says:

    Total f***tards.
    There should be a bill where you are allowed to smack, oh, I’ll say a dozen hippies a year.

    Just on GP…

  4. Sssteve Says:

    lets get it passed Jimmy! My hands a itchin!

  5. GunnNutt Says:

    Something like that may pass in Texas. Let’s start there!

  6. fmragtops Says:

    You do realize that, at least in Louisiana, simple battery is only a misdemeanor. I tell people all the time, “Some people just need their ass whooped.” Not only that, if you pick the right place, and beat them up without anyone else seeing you, I doubt a hippy would be able to cut through the purple haze long enough to identify you.

    Before you ask, yes, I AM advocating violence against hippy protestors.

  7. Ross Mayhew Says:

    You are sick. Just the kind of facists that fuel the terrorists except that their reasons are more logically based.

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