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September 28, 2006

Dueling in Trollville

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My new pal George Markam has another personality with the name Ross Mayhew. As Ross, he’s been leaving comments on older posts that no one is going to read, so I thought I would do him a favor and put them on the front page.

These are three of the posts and his words of wisdom for each.

Burn in Hell, Zarqawi
“Bring em on. YOu guys are such an inspiration. In a few more years we will all be broke and you can roam around this country like road warriors. Vengeance…at least learn to spell.”

I don’t know, George/Ross. I’ve looked it up several times in various dictionaries and they all spell it the same: D-I-C-K-H-E-A-D.

Pinkos Get a Dose of Reality
“Step up boys Bush and Rummy need more of your money and will like you to stay perpetual soldiers. Draft Jenna and Barb. Step up too to fund the cost of medical bills all the wounded…mentally and psychologically…the boys who have so effectively lead you sheep down the rosy path sure won’t be around to cover collateral damage. But you know that anyway…right?”

Supporters don’t stop supporting the troops just because the Administration changes. Most people don’t see this kind of generosity as a partisan issue, Ross/George.

Friday Night Fights at WR
“Bush doesn’t know, or isn’t admitting, that this Iraq war is a collosal failure on all fronts. Hope the rest of the country wakes up in the following elections.”

No worries George/Ross. I think you’ll really like the next occupant of the Oval Office

fmragtops in 08!

Harley Davidson – Iraq

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How cool would it be to log on to Harley’s web site, click the Dealer Locator button


and you see the selection for:


I was listening to the Jerry Doyle show and heard Col. David Hunt say that HD was in talks with the Pentagon about opening an assembly plant/dealership in Iraq, possibly in Fallujah! Isn’t that cool as sh*t????

Makes me proud to be a stockholder *sniff*.

September 27, 2006

Good Guys can’t enter ‘sensitive’ building?

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In my daily searches for reports of dead terrorists I often run across some really interesting stuff. In some cases, I also read things that make no sense. Check out this article from MNF-I and tell me just what the hell it means.

RELEASE No. 20060922-01

Sept. 22, 2006

Iraqi Army Mounts Raid Against Kidnapper, Murder

Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

BAGHDAD – A specially trained Iraqi Army unit conducted an early-morning raid Sept. 21 looking for a suspect engaged in kidnapping and murder in Baghdad. The Iraqi unit, with coalition force advisers, surrounded and entered a building believed to hold the suspect. Iraqi forces found the suspect’s passport and five Iraqi citizens inside the building. Citizens who were questioned indicated that the suspect had fled to a building listed as “sensitive,” the National Dialogue headquarters.

Based on the nature of the National Dialogue headquarters, Iraqi Army forces were denied permission to enter the building. In preparing to depart the area, the Iraqi Army unit observed that the building had numerous surveillance cameras affording an unrestricted view of the Iraqi ground force. A machine gun was also emplaced on the roof of the building. Several individuals were seen on the roof in the vicinity of the machine gun. As a protective measure, several lights surrounding the objective area were shot out by Iraqi forces to lower light levels as a precaution against the cameras and machine gun.

The Iraqi force, with coalition advisers, departed without further incident. No individuals were detained during this operation.

A little background:

Thursday, 20 April 2006
Appointed: #35 Dr. Akram al-Hakim, minister of state for the national dialogue affairs.
Appointed/elected: Speaker of the Iraqi House of Represntatives Mahmud al-Mashhadani. Mr. al-Mashhadani is a co-founder of the Higher Council for Call and Guidance and head of its political bureau as well as a co-founder of the Iraqi National Dialogue Council [NDC], which contributed to the establishment of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Press Briefing by Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad. After the introductory speech about the inauguration of the first-ever Iraqi national unity government, the Q&A with reporters included the following exchange.

Q Sharon Behn, The Washington Times. I’d like to know how you would characterize the walkout by the 17 Sunnis that occurred this afternoon, and how significant you think that is.

AMB. KHALILZAD: The current government represents some 85 percent of the forces that are in the assembly. Those who walked out today, some of them represent the National Dialogue, led by Mr. Salih Mutlaq, who has 11 members in the assembly; and a few members or the — of the Al-Tawafuq, those associated with one faction inside the Tawafuq, led by Mr. Khalah al-Alayan. But Mr. Khalah al-Alayan himself, the leader of that faction of the Al-Tawafuq, and Speaker Mashhadani, who is also from the same faction, of course were very much there. I believe that what happened in terms of bringing people together is an extremely positive step in the right direction in terms of the breadth of support for a government that — that is there. The disagreement that was there today in the morning was that some thought that the two ministers should be named first, before the government — Interior and Defense — should be named before the government is introduced to the — to the assembly. But as you know, the prime minister himself and his deputy prime minister are caretakers until those two ministers are named.

Monday, May 29 2006

2006 decisive year for Iraq – In a speech given by Gen. George W. Casey, Jr. Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq, he says “The Council of Representatives will review candidates to lead the national security ministries, craft legislation to curb violence, re-integrate authorized militia into government security services, expand judicial resources, and facilitate national dialogue and reconciliation.”

Monday, 24 July 2006

Iraqis unite to halt violence in Baghdad.

The Iraqi government held the first meeting of a homegrown peace initiative Saturday, with the country’s top leaders vowing to reconcile the groups involved in sectarian violence and to bring into the political fold insurgent groups ready to lay down their arms.

“This is an Iraqi initiative for those who are part of the political process,” said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, according to the French news agency Agence France-Presse.

According to the AFP article, Maliki said the Supreme Committee for National Reconciliation received positive signals from some insurgent groups battling Coalition and Iraqi security forces. …The prime minister said several insurgent groups have also contacted his office indirectly to say they want to join the political process.

Comprised of about 30 members, the Supreme National Committee for Reconciliation and National Dialogue will include legislators and religious and tribal leaders, according to a July 20 AP article. The committee will be headed by the prime minister, while the Minister of National Dialogue, Akram al-Hakim, will be the director. … The plan includes an amnesty program for insurgents not involved in killing Iraqis or Coalition forces.

…”The situation with sectarian violence in Baghdad is very serious,” said the commander of U.S. Central Command, Gen. John P. Abizaid, during an interview on July 21. “[Iraq] can deal with the insurgency better than it can with the sectarian violence, and it needs to move decisively against the sectarian violence now.”

This is the same General Abizaid that witnessed the complete and utter failure of the Fallujah Brigade back in the spring and summer of 2004. That attempt to draw the insurgents away from the mad, corrupting influence of imams cost 151 American lives.

Friday, August 25 2006

“Battle of Baghdad” will decide future, By Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

…”It is understandable that when the American people hear of new U.S. casualties and witness the images of bloodshed from the streets of Baghdad, they conclude that our plans for stemming sectarian violence in Iraq have failed. Yet, implementation of the Baghdad Security Plan has only recently begun. Iraq’s national unity government has been in office barely three months, and its ministers of defense and interior have been on the job for less than 80 days. Iraqi ministers are still hiring key staff, and they are learning to work together, under the leadership of a new prime minister. The Committee for National Dialogue and Reconciliation, charged with overseeing implementation of the reconciliation plan, was formed only three weeks ago.

*cricket* … *cricket*

Dammit! There shouldn’t be anyplace that even Iraqi security forces can’t go!!! It sounds to me like another safe haven for terrorists and thugs who are being aided and abetted by corrupt, duplicitous mob bosses just like a tiny repeat of Fallujah.

Not good. Not good at all!

September 21, 2006

Support the Troops Weekend!

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Tomorrow night at the regularly scheduled Walter Reed “Support the Troops by Stomping CodePink ‘Tards” celebrations, there will also be the second of three events in this year’s Support the Troops Weekend in D.C.

Support The Troops Logo


Support the Troops and Their Mission Weekend kicks off Friday morning, September 22 with a delegation of military families and supporters visiting congressional offices to urge Representatives and Senators to not cut and run from the war on terrorists. We will gather at the horseshoe entrance to the Rayburn House Office Building at 10 a.m. on South Capitol Street just below Independence Avenue.

Friday evening, we will gather at the main gate to Walter Reed Army Medical Center from 6:30 p.m. until the dinner buses return (between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.)

WRAMC is located at 7200 Georgia Avenue, NW. The cross street is Elder Street.

Saturday, September 23, we will hold the Support the Troops and Their Mission Rally from noon to 3 p.m. at the Sylvan Theater on the grounds of the Washington Monument. Please plan to arrive by 11:30 a.m. as the drive-by media always undercounts attendance by doing a crowd estimate just before the rally starts and then never changes that number as the crowd grows.

The next announcement is for an event that will take place in a little more than two weeks. On October 7th in Olney, MD there will be an event at Olney Golf Park to raise funds for golfing equipment for Wounded Warriors.

Salute to Vets

The organizer of this event is himself an injured OIF veteran who I met last Friday. Mark Kreisher is an incredibly enthusiastic guy who is intent on helping his fellow wounded brothers and sisters by getting them involved in an activity that has been an immense benefit to his own recovery.

I have been a patient at WRAMC for 9 months. One of the hardest things I have faced during my recovery (both physical and mental) was getting myself back out in public and trying to resume doing some of the things I did before my injuries. Thanks to some GREAT individuals, groups, and organizations I was offered the chance to learn and play the game of golf. Golf became a big part of my physical and mental therapy and I’m afraid without the opportunities afforded to me I would still be sitting in the lonely confines of my room feeling sorry for myself. I (along with dozen of my friends) have been provided golf equipment at no charge, free lessons from a PGA instructor, and unlimited range time at no charge! The instructors do not care if we have lost an eye, two legs or an arm, they help us develop our golf games dispite our “limitations”. They have donated their time to instruct us, and treat us as if we were paying customers.

I’m not going to pull any punches on this matter and I’m not the type of person that finds it easy to ask for help, but I DESPARATELY need HELP from each and every one of you, as well as your friends and coleagues! I have been asked to coordinate a fundraising event that is very near and dear to my heart! The Disabled American Veterans and Yellow Ribbon Fund, in conjunction with Olney Golf Park and local PGA instructors Jim Estes and Matt Kayson, have set up a fund dedicated to their goal to provide quality golf and recreational opportunities for military personnel injured while on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fund that has provided me and numerous other soldiers with these opportunities is running dangerously low, and it tears me up inside to think that it won’t be around to HELP my fellow SOLDIERS in the future, as it has helped me and my friends in the past year.

My HOPE is that through donation of items and cash, 100% of the money raised will go directly to helping soldiers. I NEED EVERYTHING!! DOOR PRIZES, SILENT AUCTION ITEMS, CONTEST PRIZES and CASH DONATIONS. If you can donate something, no matter how small, I can use it.

Mark is still recovering at Walter Reed and new folks are still coming in that will need the same kind of challenging activities to help get them get back to good physical and mental health. If you’d like to be part of this effort and make some heroes happy, here’s how you can help.

For Cash donations make checks payable to Disabled American Veterans.

Items and donations can be sent to:
Olney Golf Park
Attn. Mark Kreisher
3414 Emory Church Rd.
Olney MD 20832

You can also contact me, of course. I’ll be covering the event (I’m REALLY looking forward to it!) and I promise to post the usual crappy pics that people using IE can’t see anyway.

Well, I’m outta here! It’s the last Club race of the season and that means I’ll have no internet access until I get home Sunday night. Y’all be good and you have my permission to squash any trolls that show up here.

Super Troop Supporter Donna, Los Osos is up today! Good luck, lady!

Go Tankers!

Tomorrow I’ll also be starving with Leta (the Great!) but I won’t be able to tell about it. (And NO! Ms. Smartypants I won’t be racing while starving no matter how much you’re willing to pay!) 🙂

September 20, 2006

U.K. Libs Ahead of U.S. Counterparts in Death Wishes

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According to the BBC, those darned ill-tempered, depressing libtards want to kill themselves rather than face a future which seems to be getting more conservative.

Assisted suicide could be offered to Britons who are chronically depressed rather than terminally ill, says the head of a controversial Swiss group.

Ludwig Minelli says his organisation, Dignitas, is asking the Swiss Supreme court to allow a change in the law.

Existing laws have already allowed Dignitas to help 54 Britons to die and Mr Ludwig said another British man was due to follow next week.

Speaking at the Lib Dem conference, he urged the UK to drop its suicide laws. -(emphasis mine)

Let’s see, their population is shrinking due to abortion and now they want to be able to commit suicide because they’re perpetually unhappy. Sounds like a plan to me!

Islam, schmislam

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We are NOT violently evil … and we’ll KILL anyone who says we are!

So much for the Religion of Peace. From Jihad Watch:

A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution. Anjem Choudary said those who insulted Islam would be “subject to capital punishment”.

Jeesh! How many times have we heard that kind of talk from the Pope? I mean, people were predicting that Benedict XVI would be another Hitler, right? And he’s been spouting hate ever since he was elevated to Pontiff and … er, he – well… come to think of it, he seems like a pretty nice guy and rather mild and humble.

Citing the words of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim religious leaders in the Gaza Strip on Sunday warned Pope Benedict XVI that he must “accept” Islam if he wanted to live in peace.

How quaint! What a lovely way to persuade someone to your way of thinking. “Submit or die!” Sounds like a Dem talking point…

I’d much rather count on another group of individuals who have an equally pointed motto but one with a real choice to those to which it is addressed: “Make Peace or Die” – 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Check it out. I just ordered the DVD so I can’t provide a review yet. Instead, I’ll offer one of my favorite videos.

It’s a sweet tale of love and devotion, with a slightly hard edge.
(If you’re at work, turn the volume down -or- put on headphones and turn the volume up!)

September 17, 2006

Pinkos Get a Dose of Reality

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Mr. SMASH came to Washington on official gummint business but he did not leave his passion for pestering Pinkos in San Diego. Week after week he’s joined the FReepers at Walter Reed celebrating and thanking our wounded heroes. He’s also been winning “hearts and minds” among the commies waaaaay down the block by assuming a passive attitude and allowing them to spew whatever’s on their minds into his little recorder. SMASH has amassed quite a collection of audio moonbattery in which the ‘tards consistently claim to support the troops. Last week, we were witness to the most blatent display of Pinko hypocrisy to date — the commies turning their backs on wounded soldiers and telling them to leave the Pinko area!

This week the gloves came off. It was time for SMASH to confront the asshats and maybe, just maybe, convince some of them of the error of their ways.

To execute his plan, SMASH recruited the wily and witty Tantor to soften up the enemy.

Bruce v Tanto
Tantor, with his back to the camera, has a conversation with Pinko Bruce.

Next, he brought out the big gun: Major Pain!

B5, Maj P and Taco Mamma
The big Marine flanked by Taco’s Mom and Blackfive who was in town to publicize his great new book The Blog of War.

Upon arriving at the protest site the Major wasted no time. He waded in amongst the smelly commies and gave them a few pointers. I didn’t get any pics of this engagement even though I was right across the street, but tgslTakoma may have it on video. I saw what I thought was a new moonbat, but then noticed he was smoking a cigar. Pinkos hide when they smoke cigs and none of them would be caught dead with a big ole stoagie! Then I noticed that the commies weren’t acting exactly friendly towards the new guy and there were some raised voices (couldn’t hear the words over the traffic). Next thing I know he’s loping across the street and the mystery is solved.

Introductions are made all around, the Major hands out glow-sticks (so we’ll be visible crossing the street)(hey, that’s what he said!) and the plans for Operation SMASH Code Pink are laid out. With yours truely playing the part of Pinko Bruce (yech! what an odious assignment) we rehearsed the mission in the church parking lot. When all was ready we set out to take up our positions. tgslTakoma and I set up as observers/FReeper Media just outside the enemy’s perimeter as SMASH and Maj Pain took a longer route to approach the commies from the opposite side.

Commies try to ignore Maj Pain
The pink commies are afraid to even acknowledge Maj Pain’s presence behind their lines.

With the Major watching his back, SMASH launched in to his prepared speech. In a loud, clear voice unmistakable above the traffic din he told the Pinkos how their brand of “support” was hurting the brave men and women in the hospital on the other side of the fence. The audio of the lecture can be heard here. The following is from a soon-to-be post from SMASH:

SOMETIMES you see a man with a short haircut, athletic build and a military bearing, and you think to yourself, “I bet that man is a Marine.”

With Major Pain, there is no question. You know he is a Marine. Which makes him an ideal wingman for me when it’s time to confront Code Pink and friends about their rude and disrespectful treatment of our soldiers outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

There are about a dozen or so protesters there on Friday night. On any given evening, one or two of them might have enough spunk to face off against a “lone warrior” confronting them on the sidewalk. But very few will take on two of us. And nobody wants to get in Major Pain’s face.

We approach, quietly, from the rear. Major Pain takes up a blocking position, and I start talking.

“Good evening.”

Several of them turn around. One man starts to approach me. Then he sees Pain, and has second thoughts.

“You know, for the past few weeks, I’ve come down here, and listened politely and respectfully to any of you who would talk to me.”

“Tonight, you’re going to listen to me.”

SMASH lectures commies
SMASH delivering his stinging lecture to the Pinkos.

The pair observed a few of the lefties debate whether or not they should turn around and talk to the men, but the only ones with enough nerve to give it a brief try were “Weasel” and Kevin McCarron (of “Enlist here and die for Halliburton” fame).

McKarron and Weasel acting brave
McCarron and “Weasel” don’t see real men very often.

With a purposely derisive “Goodnight, ladies”, SMASH ends his speech and the engagement comes to an end. Next week we’ll see how many casualties the Pinkos took.

UPDATE (9/18): tgslTakoma has put SMASH’s audio together with her fantastic video and you can see the whole thing here.

September 16, 2006

Double Trouble

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These two milbloggers were intent on “smashing” some Pinko psychos with the “painful” truth that they are not welcome outside Walter Reed.

Stand by for damage assessment… it’s here!

September 15, 2006

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

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NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States do hereby proclaim Friday, September 15, 2006, as National POW/MIA Recognition Day. I call upon the people of the United States to join me in paying solemn tribute to all former American prisoners of war and those missing in action who valiantly served our great country. I call upon Federal, State, and local government officials and private organizations to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-first.


Friday Night Fights at WR

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It’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

SMASH, Blackfive and Maj Pain are planning on making an appearance with the FReepers and friends in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center and perhaps having a word or two with the commies from CodePink waaaay down the block. Seems that Mr. SMASH has gotten the word out about how easy it is to approach the Pink ‘tards and that its lots of fun to play with them!

I sure hope “Princess” comes back tonight. Wounded Warriors P.D. and Mason had his skirt all in a twirl last week as the Pinko pinhead tried to “spin” his way out of his commie talking points. Pinko “Perry” decided that he needed to play in traffic to get noticed.

Check out AAR #73 at for a preview of coming attractions, and if you can — PLEASE COME JOIN US!!! Click here for more info.

September 11, 2006

Just marking the date

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Corps Racing

I don’t have anything special or profound to say on this 5th anniversary of 9/11. I remember it vividly and don’t require any TV specials to keep me interested in continuing to persue and kill terrorists. But, it does help to have a cool T-Shirt to show which side you’re on.

Major Leaque Infidel

A product of Crye Precision and originally spotted by Pirate First Class Allen, this is the perfect gift for the warrior who has everything. It would also be a great thing to wear to the Support The Troops Weekend on the Washington Mall on September 22/23rd.

Support The Troops Weekend 2006

September 8, 2006

Could it happen?

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It occured to me that the nutbag Islamofacists –who are capable of doing some really crazy shit– might be using the visits of former and current Iranian presidents Katami and Ahmadushybag to commemorate 9/11 with something just as nasty. It’s not normal, if in fact it ever happens, that the leaders-in-hate actually martyr themselves for the cause. But what if they did?

We know that they know how to manipulate the MSM to do their bidding, carry their water, drink the coolaid, and swallow any lie presented to them. They could easily be used to whip up worldwide rioting and killing if one of these Iranian asshats should assume room temperature while on U.S. soil.

Not that I would mourn the loss of either one of them or that I’m advocating that they be sent to Allah while they’re so close at hand…

I just worry that we’re being set up. Big time.

September 7, 2006

‘Bastards’, Babes and Best Friends

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I just love stories of our Troops and their interactions with kids. Marines in Iraq encounter wee ones all the time in their daily patrols and see in them the future of this embattled country. The “Betio Bastards” of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment is on duty in Iraq with Regimental Combat Team 5.


Marines here will say that if there is no other reason why they’re in Iraq – it’s for the kids.

“I think kids are the future of this country,” said Sgt. Michael D. Grant, a 30-year-old combat engineer squad leader from Norman, Okla., attached to K Company. [pictured above] “If the kids get a good upbringing they are going to run this country when they grow up.”

…At one house Marines went into, they were changed forever. The group met an Iraqi English teacher who was the mother of two children. She invited the men in for something cool to drink but it was her two-year-old son that refreshed them the most.

“I thought he was the cutest kid,” Grant said.

He said saw a promising future in the kid’s bright-brown eyes.

“His mom is teaching him English so he’ll grow up doing something good for his country or the people that are around him,” Grant said.

He added that his mother hoped he would help change the future for his neighbors and even his country. She hoped he would be the next generation of Iraqis who stand alongside Americans for a future free of terrorism.

The young boy was well mannered, greeting Marines as they entered his home.

“He even shook hands like you should,” Grant said.

Grant said he displayed his courtesy when Grant offered him a stick of chewing gum. When the boy still had the gum, Grant reached out to shake his hand.

“He took the gum out of his right hand and put it in his left hand to shake with his right,” Grant said.

A sailor with the company was also touched by the kid. It was a reminder of his own children and his extended family.

“When we went into that house it brought me closer to home,” said Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Adam R. Brandon, a hospital corpsman who is assigned to K Company.

The 24-year-old father of two from Nacogdoches, Texas, said it made me realize that they’re normal people just like him.

“I think back to my son, nieces and nephews at home,” said Staff Sgt. Timothy P. Hanson, a 30-year-old from Piedmont, Ala., who is a platoon sergeant with K Company. “You feel you can provide for these kids the same way you can for yours, because they’re no different.”


I also love seeing Man’s “best friend” in action defending the nation. The “Betio Bastards” are taking a bite out of insurgents with the help of some four-legged friends.


Cpl. Vincent Acevedo named his dog CAR, the shortened version of Combat Action Ribbon Marines earn in combat under fire. CAR earned his name, several times over. He’s been right there when Marines dug up buried weapons caches, and he’s even braved enemy rocket-propelled grenade attacks.

When Acevedo, CAR and other Marines were headed to a firm base, they started receiving RPG and machine-gun fire from a chicken coop.

Marines, CAR included, took it all in stride.

“They took care of the situation,” Acevedo said. “They sent a squad out and moved into the next house. That night we stayed in that house.”

When all seemed well, the unit was attacked again.

CAR alerted Acevedo and other Marines when they started receiving a barrage of enemy mortar fire.

“A round landed about 10 meters away from me and my dog,” Acevedo said.

The blast was deafening. Acevedo said with all the commotion, explosions and Marines scrambling for cover and mount security, he couldn’t hear a thing. Still, CAR was there by his side.

“I just saw the dog barking, but there was no audible sound,” he said.

It was CAR who led the squad to safety. Acevedo and the other Marines moved out of the area before the enemy could pinpoint the unit’s position.

It’s not just Acevedo who’s convinced of CAR’s abilities and his performance in combat. Marines walking the beat alongside him rest easier knowing he’s there.

“It’s good to have the dogs around,” said Pfc. Malik J. Staggers, a 19-year-old rifleman from Bronx, N.Y., assigned to K Company. “They save a lot of lives.”


Lance Cpl. Charles E. Byerly, a 20-year-old dog handler, shows his dog Danny, 10, some love at Camp Habbaniyah, Iraq, Sept. 1. He wanted to care for his four-legged companion before they head back for Danny’s retirement in Camp Lejeune, N.C. Danny has deloyed three times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and one to Djibouti, Africa as a military working dog fighting insurgents with Marines. After the dog’s retirement Byerly will adopt his battle buddy. Byerly is from Mars, Pa., and is currently serving a seven-month deployment with 3rd Battallion, 2nd Marine Regiment in the Habbaniyah area under Regimental Combat Team 5. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Ray Lewis

Aaawwwww! They’re gonna get to stay together. That’s how it should be.

Side note: Welcome Home Lcpl Matt!!!

September 1, 2006

Hey Pinkos! How dare you call US Torturers!

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This is sick. If anyone doubts WHY we must destroy these beasts, read on…

Coalition condemns torture and mutilation of Afghan soldiers

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Two soldiers from the 203nd Corps, Afghan National Army, were kidnapped by Taliban extremists and then brutally tortured to death with their bodies mutilated.

The U.S.-led Coalition strongly condemns the act as a heinous crime.

An officer and sergeant were apparently kidnapped in the Qara Bagh District of Ghazni Province on Aug. 28. Using the officer’s cell phone, the assailants contacted a member of the 203nd Corps command and then tortured the two men until they were dead while their fellow comrade listened.

“This was not an act of armed conflict, but an inexcusable crime by amoral men against fellow Afghans,” Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, Combined Joint Task Force-76 spokesman said. “These Taliban extremists claim to be fighters in a war of their creation, but warriors, men of honor, do not torture, maim and desecrate their enemies. These are the acts of men without conscience — men without souls. They are indignant criminals who take inhuman pleasure in the destruction of human life.”

The soldiers’ bodies were discovered the next day in the Crirgia Ghala Valley and were recovered by fellow ANA soldiers. Their bodies will be returned to their families for internment.

Last Fall, there was an enormous furor over the burning of dead Taliban combatants which resulted in a 5-part investigation by the Pentagon and “sensitivity training” to make sure that we kill and dispose of the enemy in a culturally sensitive way. (see the .pdf here).

That uproar was all about burning bodies that were already dead! For sanitation reasons! Sure, some overeager psyops guys decided the incident provided a serendipitous opportunity to quickly kill more combatants before they scurried back into their hilly caves. Bait the other asshats out of hiding so they, too, could discover the joys of meeting Allah. What’s not to like?



Stoopid hippies! They’re holding signs that demand contradictory actions. On the left are signs calling for “cut-and-run” while on the right is a sign calling for “No Redeployment”.

Hmmmmm, “bring them home” but “don’t allow them to leave the war zone”. Stoopid. “Bring them home so we can beat them up” is more like it.

Speaking of stoopid, y’all should check out Mark Glesne’s “moonbat mascot” here and here. The mascot is stoopid!!! NOT Mark (super-smart Marine!)

MOH Recipient Honored in Florida

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Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith had a middle school named after him in Holiday on August 25th.


It’s so great to see evidence that America is NOT forgetting who our heroes really are.

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Support n. To act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer).

junkie n. Slang One who has an insatiable interest or devotion. proper name. A site where Support Junkies get their fix.


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September 2006
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Tribes. "I am not a wolf. I have never harmed a person in my life. But I am not a sheep, either. I know these forces are out there, and wishing it were not so will not only not make them go away – it will rob me of my chance to kick their ass when they show up."
Bill Whittle


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Dead Terrorists since al-Zarqawi assumed room temperature - 06/07/06

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