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July 26, 2006

Shocked! he said…

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Kookie Kofi!

ShockedSpeaking in Rome, where he was to attend an international conference on the 13-day Lebanese crisis, Annan said he was “shocked, [shocked!]” at Israel’s “apparently deliberate targeting” of the UN post.
eh, …so what’s your point, Kofi?

I don’t get it… are U.N. “blue helmets” off the target list or something? Then what the hell are they doing in an area where Hezbollah is storing and shooting rockets???

Pleacekeeping? Give me a freakin’ break! Bombs away, Israel! You’re doing the right thing and pay no attention to that mouse behind the U.N. curtain.

Linky-love for Race/Gun Blogger

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Spank That Donkey has joined the list of Gun Bloggers on TTLB and has a really nice post from last weekend’s gun show in Upper Marlboro, MD (that he reminded me I was going to miss, dammit!). Yes, you read that right: There are gun shows in Maryland!

STD also owns a real race-car!


Pretty cool, huh? Click the pic for more of ’em.
I took over 700 pics last weekend with my brand-spankin’ new Olympus Evolt 330 (take that Sgt. Allen! :)) and am having a hard time trimming the number down to a reasonable post. *sigh*

VOTE FOR TANKER BROTHERS!! for Blogs of Summer – Best Milblog.

I didn’t like Maliki

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Cool pic
Everyone’s heard about the Iraqi Prime Minister’s slams against Israel’s protection of herself, but I remember another problem that he faced by blaming the wrong people.

In a broader sense, the Iraqi prime minister, Malaki, is now saying that the Iraqi civilian, the victim of violence by U.S.-led forces, on a daily basis. And he says that could play a role in any decision on how long U.S. troops will be asked to stay in this country. CNN transcript.

Not that I trust CNN… which I do even less now that I can’t find any other reference to this particular quote. I’ve Googled and Yahoo!ed all over the place and can’t find anything but this one quote. I distinctly remember hearing it on the radio weeks ago and being very disappointed that the new Iraqi leader would be spewing this kind of leftist B.S.

Now I’m convinced CNN made it all up. Stoopid hippies!!!!

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