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July 10, 2006

Dead Terrorist Count – Part II

by @ 2:18 pm. Filed under Milblogging, Troop Support, Vengeance!

UPDATE: Dead Terrorist counter now has a page with a dump from the database! Hit “more” at the bottom of the post.

It still keeps track of all the terrorist asshats that have assumed room temperature since al-Zarqawi was turned into a true splodytard (June 7, 2006). Here is General Caldwell’s Dog and Pony show about the joyous event.

The numbers are extracted from a MySQL database which I update with any news/release info found on the various DoD web sites. I know darned well there are more “kills” than are reported to the public but this is what I can find by searching various DoD sites.

Feed me links if you don’t see them in the table! GunnNutt – @ –

10 Responses to “Dead Terrorist Count – Part II”

  1. SK Says:

    WOO HOO!!! My first smile of the day;) Thanks GN.

  2. GunnNutt Says:

    I aim to please, SK!

  3. jimmyb Says:

    Hey, GN!
    Great counter!!

    Sadly, I did not coin the word splodeytard, as much as I would like to take credit.

    I saw it at Misha’s place, the Anti-Idiotarin Rotweiller.
    Don’t know if that’s the genesis of it, but it’s where I got it.

    Thanks for stopping by, BTW.
    You know you are always welcome… 😉

  4. GunnNutt Says:

    Thanks jimmyb! I know I saw it (splodytard) on your site first and it sounded like a jimmybism – you da man!

  5. Russ Says:

    Is there an html code we can use to put this on our sidebar?

  6. GunnNutt Says:

    Russ – I’m still working on that part. I think I need to learn Javascript…

  7. Russ Says:

    Well, if you have the numbers linked to a MySQL database, you should be able to use some html code from other things that do the same action. Maybe do a google search for self-updating webforms or something. My hunch (I’m kind of new to this) is that an html code similar to a blogroll will work. Just an idea. But you’d probably have to know how to plug in the mysql code to work properly. Here’s some html code for the terrorist act counter distributed by religion of

    See if that helps you.

  8. Russ Says:

    [script language=”JAVASCRIPT1.1″ src=”″>

  9. Seth Says:

    You people are sick.
    How many dead civilians?
    How many innocent?

  10. GunnNutt Says:

    Yes Seth, how many innocent people have these evil, sick, whacked out terrorists killed? How many more do YOU want to see die?

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