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October 23, 2009

Are CEOs Being Denied ‘Due Process’?

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Kenneth Feinberg is one of Obama’s appointed ‘czars’. The administration claims that all the czars are simply advisers to the President. As such, they can’t be called to testify before Congress (which was also Bush 41’s reason). However, Obama’s ‘advisers’ apparently have the authority to do much more than give advicethey can set national policy and inflict punitive actions on the public!

The Treasury Department is expected to formally announce in the next few days a plan to slash annual salaries by about 90 percent from last year for the 25 highest-paid executives at the seven companies that received the most from the Wall Street bailout. Total compensation for the top executives at the firms would decline, on average, by about 50 percent.

The sweeping decision, though, came from Feinberg and not from President Obama.

One official told Fox News that Feinberg from the start had the independent authority to work with companies and make such a call. Obama was never required to sign off before final decisions were made.

The White House does not consider the 90% pay cut as a punishment, but merely an incentive to ‘get right’ with their responsibilities to the public. I believe the pay cuts ARE a punishment and as such should be the result of a legal process, not a Presidential fiat. But they’re not satisfied with just going after Wall Street — Banks are next on the list:

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News judicial analyst, said the government is embarking down a slippery slope.

“If bankers don’t challenge this, if they supinely accept it out of fear of what the government will do if they do challenge … then you have a nation of sheep,” he said.

Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University, said in an e-mail that the companies’ debt allows the government to put “considerable pressure” on them.

He said imposing restrictions after the fact, as opposed to on the front end of the financial aid offer, creates “serious legal issues” over a lack of authority. But he said the seven firms are unlikely to challenge the mandate.

Feinberg has claimed broad authority to regulate executive pay and has already notched major victories.

…critics said Congress was potentially in conflict with Article I of the U.S. Constitution — particularly a section stating Congress cannot pass any “Bill of Attainder” — an act of the legislature that singles out and punishes a group or individual without trial.

In this case, Congress is not the entity making the call — Feinberg is.

So let’s see…

The new Marxist

The new Marxist

Seems we are definitely moving towards a lawless dictatorship where the Constitution is merely a hindrance to this Administration.

June 2, 2009

The Ad Ford Should Be Running

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I’ve always been a Ford girl. I love Fords regardless of what my Chevy friends say. Nyeh! I was never prouder of Ford than when it told the Gubmint to take a hike with its bailout money. I wrote and told them how proud I was to continue to be a Ford customer. So it was with some disappointment that I had to say I hated Ford’s decision to jump on the bandwagon of making the car payments of people who lost their jobs while owing Ford money.

What the hell? Why does Ford have to be such a pandering weenie? This is the ad they should be running:

No, we won’t make your car payments if you lose your job. We won’t serve you milk and cookies or tuck you into bed at night, either! You’re all grown up and can handle a setback like looking for a new job while you figure out how to fulfill your commitments to your creditors.

See, we here at Ford figured out how to keep our own company going without taking stealing money from you, the taxpayers of America. We know you will treat us with the same dignity and respect.


Buy Ford. Keep America out of Obama’s hands.

May 23, 2009

Pre-Memorial Day at Walter Reed

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We had a good turnout this week: 15 patriots to 9 stinking pinkos. Only one abusive nutbag in a car. I don’t write about Friday nights at Walter Reed much anymore ’cause it’s all the same and sameness is boring. But tonight something rather special did happen.

A soldier who is a patient in the hospital came out to visit us. Nothing new there.

He went down to the Pinkos and talked to them, too. Ditto. Nothing new.

When he came back up to the “right” side, I went over to say “Thank you” and to talk. Still nothing new.

Then, the bombshell: This soldier was at the White House yesterday and came face to face with Zero and .. refused to shake his hand!


Part of me thinks his action was disrespectful, but this warrior has the right to express his opinion and that was certainly a powerful way of doing so. What cojones!! I’m so proud of him… *sniff*

March 30, 2009

A Marine Apologizes

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Everyone’s (except liberals and terrorists) favorite tough guy gives a ‘sort of’ apology in response to Hitlery’s apology south of the border last week:

I got an apology, I’m sorry for all of those who have lost loved ones during 9/11 and while kicking ass in Iraq & Afghani.. I’m sorry we didn’t come with the entire Marine Corps and stomp the shit out of all terrorists in the country sooner. I’m sorry, If our M1 tanks and low flying F18s bother you as they hunt you scumbag terrorists down. I’m sorry we haven’t constructed a Wal-Mart chain in your country and show you what capitalism is really all about. I’m not sorry to call this war a War on Terrorism. I’m not sorry for all of the evil scumbags we help meet Allah. I’m not sorry for any of the terrorists about to be set free out of Guantanamo. I’m not sorry to tell any drug infested waste of air drug lord that we will hunt you down next and I’m not one bit sorry or going to take blame for our amigos to the south for their lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up to the drug lords.

You said a mouthful, Maj Pain!

March 17, 2009

MLI T-Shirts from Crye Precision are back!

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I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received asking about the “Doesn’t Play Well with Others” t-shirts that we sold several years ago. I always pointed people to Crye’s website where they could buy the MLI shirts without the special Maj Pain back.

For far too long Crye’s site has been under construction or something and the T-shirts were not available. You could find them on ebay for 35$ or more!

Well, they’re finally back! Go check out Crye Precision for all your Major League Infidel merchandise!

January 30, 2009

“Rangel Rule” for Tax Cheats

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I could not find an email address for Rep. John Carter (R-31st District Texas) so I’m posting the contents of the letter I wanted to send him.

Dear Rep. Carter,


Ahem, … I mean, I really appreciate you for introducing this bill, HR 735 “The Rangel Rule”. I’m not one of your constituents, but I would like to express my deep thanks to you for standing up for law abiding, tax paying citizens all over this country.

I am one of those tax payers that has never been in trouble with the IRS because I play by the rules. I pay and pay and pay and complain about it but it would never occur to me to break the law and expect to get away with it.

I am enraged that the man who was chosen to oversee the IRS, Timothy Geithner, is himself a flagrant tax cheat!!! “Simple mistake” my eye! And going after Charlie Rangel for any number of hypocrisies is always fun.

I would like to suggest that you add a provision to your bill to allow all taxpaying citizens the ability to take a 4-year tax holiday. We would be required to make up the payments at the end of the holiday, but would not have to pay any penalties or interest as your bill states. This would be a much better stimulus to the economy than the pork laden HR1 bill (that you properly voted against).

Thank you again from a conservative, overtaxed American,

Rangle at Commie Protest Rally
Rangle at a Workers World Party “party”

January 29, 2009

House Republicans Check Lost ‘n Found–Find 177 “Pair”

by @ 11:27 am. Filed under McCain Sucks!, Politics

All 177 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and 11 “Blue Dog” Democrats (or maybe 11 Dems with death wishes) voted NAY on HR1–FY 2009 Porkulus Bill.

President Obama and the Democrap leadership call this bill “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” but we all know it’s nothing more than a HUGE GIGANTIC COLOSSAL spending bill. I’m greatly pleased and satisfied that the Republicans are showing some spine.

I’m not holding my breath about the Senate, though. With members like McPain we really have no chance of showing a united Republican front in that body.

December 30, 2008

Farewell, Mr. President

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I’m not going to pig-pile on President Bush. He’s done plenty of things to raise my ire but he’s also done things that earned my everlasting respect and thanks.

To me, President Bush will always be the guy in this picture:


This story is over 4 years old now, but it has stuck with me ever since I saw Blackfive’s post. Amidst the constant barage of 24/7 BDS “news”, I keep seeing Pres. Bush on that plane making sure every Guard member knows how grateful he is.

“May God bless you all,” the commander in chief said over the plane’s public address system. “May God keep you safe.” As he worked his way up and down the plane’s aisles, posing for photographs, signing autographs and shaking hands, the happily surprised troops called out to him.

“That’s my president, hooah!” shouted Sgt. Wanda Dabbs, 22, a member of the 230th Area Support Group, a Guard unit from Tennessee. Others seconded her cheer.

I don’t think it’s an accident that we haven’t had another terrorist attack in this country since 9/11. I believe GW had more to do with keeping us safe than we (the ignorant public) will ever know. I’ve always believed his military mission was sound and I still believe in the mission! We’ve won in Iraq and have an equally good chance of winning in the mountains of Afghanistan if the Obama doesn’t screw around and lets our military do what it does best.

Good Luck, Mr. President! I wish you and Laura nothing but a great life that you’ve certainly earned.

November 12, 2008

Remembering “the Herd”

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Thanks to TankerBabeLC I got to play taxi to 3 real purty soldiers and attend several very special memorials on the day before Veteran’s Day.

Young and Old(er) Vets of the 173rd
Young and old veterans meet and greet.

Standing at attention
Standing at attention while Taps is played.

Color Guard
The 82nd Airborne’s Color Guard along with the colors from the 173rd Airborne (front).

173rd Memorial
The official memorial for the 173rd.

SSG Pitts placing flags
SGT Pitts places flags in memory of his fallen breathren.

Honoring General "Butch" Williamson
A ceremony led by LtCol. Roy Lombardo to honor Major General “Butch” Williamson.

Honoring Sergio Abad
The most touching memorial of all. Three young warriors, all wounded at the battle of Wanat, pay tribute to one of their own who died there. SPC Sergio Abad, rest in peace soldier.

September 3, 2008

Fred’s Had Enough!

by @ 1:09 pm. Filed under McCain Sucks!, Politics, teh Funny

HOORAY!!!!! I was hoping against hope that something like this would happen, I just thought it would happen a little sooner.

I got this email blast today from Fred Thompson:

Dear Friend,

The challenges America faces may appear overwhelming. But you and I both know that if we adhere to the founding principles of individual liberty, federalism, and truly limited government, there is no obstacle the American people cannot overcome.

But the forces driving our country away from those First Principles are strong. They demand an ever-increasing growth in government, higher and higher taxes, and a judiciary that makes law and social policy instead of sticking to the wisdom of the Constitution.

It’s clear that we need men and women in Washington and in the statehouses across America who believe, as we do, in the fundamental principles of limited government restricted by enumerated powers.

That is why I am announcing the takeover of the Republican party – I am returning the party to the principles that are the only sure salvation for America. Tonight, I will announce that I, and not John McAmnesty, will be the Republican nominee for President! The only thing John has done right in the past decade has been to pick Gov. Sarah Baracuda to be his running mate. This will not change with me. Sarah and I will be hunting RINOs together, soon.

Please visit our website at Learn how you can help.

Your support and assistance has meant a great deal to me and my family as we defended America ’s First Principles and defeat the asshole whiner RINOs who now control the party. I know that in the days ahead we will continue in the fight for a strong, free, secure America … together.

Thank you for all you do.


The Cobra

Or maybe I just read a little more into it than was actually there. Let me know if any of you got this email and read between the lines…

August 30, 2008

VP Palin’s Flying Circus

by @ 3:51 pm. Filed under McCain Sucks!, Politics, teh Funny

I just LOVE McPain’s pick for VEEP! I think the selection of Gov. Palin was an inspiration and its certainly gotten the “base” all excited. For good reasons, too! Just look at the extended family:

Sarah was taught her love of firearms by Cousin Smedly Palin, the famed big game hunter. Smedly Palin’s exploits on the African veld are the stuff myths are made of! Here he is shown with the trophies of his most recent safari into the Amazon.

Sarah’s family includes some European royalty! Sir Sagimore Palin, shown to the right of dear family friend Arthur Pendragon above, is sure to be an asset in our attempts to regain our image over seas. He’s just a whiz making “clip-clop” noises with coconut shells.

Cousin ‘Nit’ may prove to be a problem. His love of Billy Beer and popping up at inappropriate times may be an embarrassment to the campaign.


This post is just in fun. I really am happy about the selection of Sarah Palin to be the VP candidate. I like her A LOT!

August 14, 2008

Putin the Putz

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Comrade Vladmir is recreating the USSR. He misses the old days when The Party ran everything and could physically crush any signs of rebellion. He’s removed all remnants of the free press, jailed or killed political rivals and instituted a policy of aggressive anti-western propaganda. This becomes evident when reading the hate-America drivel rampant on Russian blogs.

Russians think the following comic is funny, and true.

Aaaawwwww, poor widdle Ossetia, filled with peaceful ethnic Russians just trying to get along, is being bullied by big, bad Georgia!!! Russia has to come along and make things right by stomping bully-boy Georgia and taking widdle Ossetia back home to Momma Russia.

Czar Vladimir doesn’t dare tell his serfs that he’s been doing all he can to fill Ossetia with Russian passport holding citizens and convincing them to rebel against their sovereign government in Tbilisi. He certainly won’t admit that his ambition is to put a puppet government in place to give him control of the oil pipeline from the Caspian sea.

The cartoon really should look like this:

Unfortunately, too many Americans have no idea how critical it is for our own national security to keep Georgia a free and autonomous nation. Not to mention the fact that they have been a really good friend to us in Iraq and have sent, per capita, more troops than any other country besides the UK.

July 28, 2008

Fly These Friendly Skies!

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Whoowee! A hat-trick of feminine flyers. Check out this story on CJTF82 about the Smith Sisters.

The Smith Sisters

Army Chief Warrant Officer Amber Smith (left) and Air Force Capt. Kelly Smith (right) celebrate at a graduation for their younger sister, Army Chief Warrant Officer Lacey Smith (center). All three Smith sisters are pilots in the armed forces. (Courtesy photo)

OK, so the Taliban and al-Qaeda may not find the skies so friendly, but the rest of us can sleep soundly at night knowing these fine ladies have us covered.

USMC Recognizes Existence of Barry Obama

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In an incredibly brief article, the Multi-National Force – West website recognized that Sen. Barry Obama was in Iraq last week. A one-paragraph item appeared on July 24th titled “Congressional delegation visits Anbar”; it was the 3rd item down posted on that day!

Here’s the whole thing:

RAMADI, IRAQ — Senators Barack Obama (Ill.) and Jack Reed (R.I.), exit an MV-22 Osprey during a congressional delegates visit to al Anbar Province, Iraq. Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 162, from Marine Aircraft Group 16, a subordinate command of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, transported Obama, Reed, and Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.) to several stops throughout the province. During their time in the region, the senators met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss the redeployment of combat troops from Iraq.


July 18, 2008

Surf’s Up III!

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Once again the great folks at AmpSurf will be hosting a group of Wounded Warriors for a week of surf, sand, sun and fun. I posted about the first event in “These guys will try anything!” if you would like to see pics and read the story from Donna, Los Osos. I got the heads-up about this year’s event from Dana Cummings, AmpSurf’s Executive Director:

Hey all:
Please note that we did this again in 2007 and are doing it this year August 14th-18th, 2008. If you would like to come out and Volunteer we would love to have you. Also if you are a veteran and would like to learn to surf please contact us to participate. Just go to the website and click on Operation Restoration III.

Yeehah!! A great pic by Desiree Cobb of an incredible athlete.

Check it out! I hope there’s lots of coverage of this year’s event since I won’t be able to be there again… Donna, I’m counting on you for another full report!

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